Samvera Virtual Connect 2018 Program

Samvera Virtual Connect 2018 took place on Wednesday, July 11, 2018.

Watch a video recording of the event or view presentation slides and community notes via links in the program below.

11:00 - 11:10 AM EDTWelcome and Housekeeping
Nabeela Jaffer (University of Michigan)

11:10 AM - 12:40 PM EDT

Featured Presentations

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A demo of the new collections features in Hyrax 2.1.0
Lynette Rayle (Cornell University)


Live demo - no slides (see recording)


Audience: repository managers, developers


Esmé Cowles (Princeton University)


Abstract: Valkyrie is a new persistence layer for Samvera, designed to address performance and sustainability problems.  It was developed through the existing Samvera Working Group process, showing that the current Samvera community governance structure can be used to tackle big problems.

Valkyrie features pluggable persistence options, allowing Samvera applications to use not just the historical combination of Fedora and Solr, but also other options like Fedora or Solr by themselves, PostgreSQL, and local disk.  Allowing Samvera applications to use different persistence options refocuses the Samvera community, shifting away from persistence in Fedora as the defining aspect of the community. Instead, the focus shifts to the shared tools built by the community.

Audience: repository managers, managers of developers, others involved in open source community decision making


Actor Refactor Contractor
Tom Johnson (Data Curation Experts)


Abstract: The 'Actor Stack' is an important but little understood point of extension in Hyrax and CurationConcerns applications. This talk will explore the actor stack through a critical lens. Questions addressed include: How does the stack work? How can I best approach customization? What are the pain points? How did we get here? Where might we go next?

Audience: developers

12:40 - 1:00 PM EDTBreak
1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT

Lightning Talks (7 minutes each)

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An Update on the Hyrax Roadmap
Steve Van Tuyl (Oregon State University)
Tom Johnson (Data Curation Experts)


Abstract: At Samvera Connect 2017, we presented a draft roadmap for the Hyrax 2.x-3.x release series. Since then, much work has been done to fulfill the promise of that roadmap, and work continues. In this talk we'll quickly review the roadmap, discuss the current status of work on Hyrax, and call for participation in future development efforts to bring Hyrax to 3.0 as soon as feasible.

Audience: repository managers, developers, Hyrax users

Taking the self out of self-deposit: adapting Hyrax for mediated deposit of research data
Moira Downey (Duke University)
Will Sexton (Duke University)


Abstract: Over the course of the last six months, Duke University Libraries have been engaged in adjusting some of the native features of Hyrax in order to support a research data curation workflow that is heavily mediated and may involve extensive pre-publication alterations to files and their arrangement or description. This presentation will cover how we've adapted a Hyrax application to facilitate research data curation best practices, using the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data guidelines as a framework.

Audience: repository managers, research data curators

Avalon’s Audiovisual Work in Hyrax: It’s about time
Jen Young (Northwestern University)


Abstract: Avalon Media System is working towards a release to integrate with Hyrax in support of time-based media formats. This includes creating a Work type to support the needs of audio and video formats and provide an upgrade path for those who have been using Avalon in it’s previous releases as a standalone Samvera product. Join us for a look at the new Audiovisual Work type, specifically how we’re transitioning descriptive metadata from MODS XML to RDF.

Audience: metadata, developers

Now out on Betamax: IIIF Presentation 3.0
Chris Colvard (Indiana University)
Adam Arling (Northwestern University)


Abstract: IIIF Presentation 3.0 pushes beyond only images to support time-based media. This presentation will explain the new possibilities and how the Avalon team is helping to bring those to Hyrax.

Audience: repository managers, metadata, developers

Bridge2Hyku: Building a Migration Toolkit
Todd Crocken (University of Houston)


Abstract: Bridge2Hyku is an IMLS-funded grant project that is building a migration toolkit to assist institutions interested in migrating their digital content to Hyku. The toolkit contains general guidance for migration planning, documentation for software that enables efficient and effective data migration, and an introduction to the Hyku platform. This presentation will provide an overview of the project goals and timeline, an update on project progress, and information about how to contribute to the Bridge2Hyku migration toolkit.

Audience: repository managers, metadata, developers

An update from the Hyku Service Provider Group
Nicholas Woodward (University of Texas at Austin)


Abstract: Beginning in April, folks from DuraSpace, Stanford University, Digital Curation Experts, CoSector (U. of London), Ubiquity Press, Texas Digital Library and Notch8 have been meeting to discuss their experiences hosting Hyku and develop a roadmap for its future. This presentation will update the Samvera community on the work group members have done to host and implement Hyku, plans for future work, and present several topics for consideration such as a potential governance structure and the feasibility of Hyku going forward.

Audience: repository managers, developers

1:45 - 2:00

Lightning Talk Q&A

2:00 - 2:30 PM EDT

Interest / Working Group Reports (2 minutes each)

IG/WG Notes (all sessions)

  • Repo Managers IG
    (Nabeela Jaffer)
  • DSpace to Hyrax IG
    (Ryan Steans)
  • Samvera Governance WG (now Election WG)
    (Ryan Steans)
  • Permission Analysis and Design WG
    (Jeremy Friesen)
  • Samvera Newspapers IG
    (Eben English)
  • CONTENTdm Migration IG
    (Todd Crocken)
  • Hyrax WG
    (Tom Johnson or Steve Van Tuyl)
  • UX IG
    (Adam Arling)
  • Metadata IG
    (Ruth Tillman)
  • Code Stability WG
    (Jennifer Lindner)
  • Marketing WG
    (Chris Awre)