2017-09-06 Program Committee

Connection Info:


Agenda and Notes

  1. Note taker and facilitator  kestlund
  2. Additions/changes to agenda?
  3. Updates / Questions from Local Host Committee - Chris Diaz
    1. Partner meeting and hotels update
    2. Samvera Connect Registrations as of 9/6: 61
    3. Conference Hotel reservations for SC (11/5 to 11/8): 46 of 150
    4. Conference Hotel reservations for Partners Meeting (11/9): 20 of 40
  4. Script to scrape wiki and put into github repo - update / any issues - justin
    1. Estimated by the end of the day
  5. Review workshops: https://waffle.io/samvera-labs/samvera-connect
    1. Room view: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-KkzIPmX6ieY5tW5oXpJ4LX0SKwqoj_tMzCcN8bS7IQ/edit#gid=481725725
    2. Are the suggested workshops without presenters important and should we recruit?
      1. Samvera Community Orientation - possible presenters: Bess, Robin
      2. Hyrax Plug-ins - not sure what it is so can't recommend; maybe a lightning talk from plug-ins working group?
    3. Discuss stack specific (non-Samvera specific) sessions
      1. Module-Based JavaScript with RequireJS and AMD patterns
      2. New Rails features and how to use them
    4. Do we need a Hackspace on workshop days?
    5. Other missing items:
      1. migration from various systems; be sure to cover in other sessions; maybe a workshop next year
    6. Process for confirming with presenters
      1. KE will send out emails
    7. Plan to send out workshops to community and sign-up (Rooms to be confirmed based on registration numbers and room capacities)
      1. Look into EventBrite to see if we can allow separate am/pm signups and radio buttons - Nabeela
      2. Draft email communication to announce workshops and sign-up - Hannah
  6. Review rest of program. 
    1. Plenary planning, ideas, and recruitment
      1. What ideas from submitted should be plenary
      2. What is missing?
        1. State of community and what's new / where are we going?
        2. Finance update - Debra?
        3. Partner community - Evviva?
        4. Dev Status - Giarlo?
        5. Code of conduct and participation guide - Helper
        6. International or other partner to feature
        7. Others?
    2. Note the following:
      1. Need to finalize workshops by week of 9/11
      2. Program should be finalized by 9/25
      3. (Note: September is our busy month and we will actively be using slack and Google Group for decisions)
  7. Other
    1. Weekly meetings in Sept?
      1. We'll try to use slack and Google group to move forward and stick with bi-weekly meetings
    2. Mentoring Program
      1. Sign-up to go out week of 9/11
      2. Matches to go out one month prior
    3. Partner Call presentation (9/8)
      1. Nabeela and Chris
  8. Action Items
    1. Confirm workshop leaders - KE
    2. Investigate EventBrite for workshop sign-up - NJ
    3. Draft and send out email with workshops - HF
    4. Recruit and focus on plenary planning - all think about
    5. Import suggestions into Git issues - JC