2017-10-18 Program Committee

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Agenda and Notes

  1. Note taker and facilitator  kestlund
  2. Additions/changes to agenda?
    1. Minor Schedule update? - Aaron Collier

      Wednesday afternoon, there are 2 panels, back to back:

      • Session 6 - Do you want to migrate from DSpace/ContentDM/DC to Samvera?

      • Session 7 - So How’s your migration going?

      After meeting with the panelist, we’d like to rename the second session to “Samvera Migration Q/A” with the expectation that the information from panel presentation is likely to lead to more questions that can fit in either single 1 hour session. Along with shared content/speakers, our discussion surfaced the need to hold the time for Q/A…

  3. Updates / Questions from Local Host Committee - Chris Diaz
    1. Registration update: 150
    2. Hotel update: minimum met
    3. Theme and Newcomer dinners: google doc
    4. Volunteers: Volunteers for Samvera Connect 2017
      1. We can take some load off the local committee by sending out more broadly
      2. Room stewards should also make sure to do timings
    5. Conference Website Idea: https://nulib.github.io/samvera-connect2017/
      1. Looks great!
      2. What URL to host?
        1. Could it be the main sessionizer link or linked to from sessionizer?
        2. A subdomain of samvera.org?
      3. Note for next year: is there a way to make Connect more prominent on samvera.org
    6. Reception
      1. Need set up time, minimum 30 min
      2. Set up time for posters, too
      3. Where to send people?  Need someplace to send them
      4. Keep publicized end time at 5, but let run to 5:30 
  4. Sessionizer
    1. Forgot password issues?
      1. Taken care of ; junk mail issue
    2. Floor map update? 
      1. Do we need to add the floor maps anywhere else?
      2. Various file types have been delivered to Justin
      3. Not really needed in hotels with their signage
      4. Elimiante from global nav on Sessionizer; do not include elsewhere
  5. Final communications
    1. To-do's email: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d2xzLA8YxUIlkdFQX7GVu73qdbapT1HImozxv8pGwIs/edit
      1. Confirmed to add volunteer and theme dinner sign-ups
      2. Added note about uploading slides
      3. Proof today. Karen will send out to lists on 10/19; Chris will send directly to attendee list
    2. Daily communication plan
      1. See emails from last year in Communication folder
      2. Will coordinate how to do this / who over slack and with local committee
    3. Where / how to upload slides
      1. Google Drive with folders by day
  6. Assessment Survey
    1. Take a look and see if we want to add anything or take away for this year
  7. Feedback / suggestions from this group
    1. Start thinking about what we can do better for next year as a program committee
  8. Action Items
    1. Change migrations title - Karen
    2. Email Justin re: removing maps from Sessionizer - Karen
    3. Email Justin re: hosting options for website - Chris
    4. Proof and comment on to-do's email - all
    5. Send final to-do's email - Karen (lists) and Chris (attendees)
    6. Take a look at Assessment Survey and recommend changes - all


  1. Final to-do's
  2.  https://waffle.io/samvera-labs/samvera-connect
  3. Schedule room view: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-KkzIPmX6ieY5tW5oXpJ4LX0SKwqoj_tMzCcN8bS7IQ/edit#gid=481725725
  4. 2016 schedule