Call with Jonathan Markow, DuraSpace CSO, March 2011

Draft agenda for call

Background to Hydra:

  • Origins
  • Structure
  • Current activity
  • What Hydra brings to Fedora technically
  • Distinctions between Hydra and other related approaches (e.g., Islandora)
  • Community development
  • Roadmap

Topics for discussion:

  • Hydra and DSpace
  • Hydra in the Fedora ecosystem – their thoughts and plans
  • What can DuraSpace offer Hydra?
  • What is / should be the formal relationship of Hydra & DuraSpace
    • can we add DuraSpace as a Hydra Partner?
    • would it make sense for DuraSpace to be on the Hydra Steering Group?
    • is Hydra a "blessed" project from the DuraSpace perspective?