Samvera Infrastructure Working Group Call 2020-01-17

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3:05 PM


Time: 2pm EST / 1pm CST / 12pm MST / 11am PST

Moderator: Michael Klein

Notetaker: James Griffin



  1. Introductions
  2. History
    1. See Samvera Interest Group/Working Group Framework#WorkingGroups
    2. Unconference Session @ Connect 2019: Could Samvera Use an Infrastructure Working Group?
  3. Scope & Charter
    1. Good example of a recent charter: Samvera Code of Conduct Working Group Charter
  4. Action Items
  5. Set up next meeting


  • Unconference Session at Samvera Connect 2019
  • Drafting the Charter
    • Please note that Members of this WG will look to fully draft the charter following the meeting
    • Defining Best Practices
      • Should we strive to define a set of best practices for configuration?
      • We should offer a recommendation, but not be prescriptive
    • Working Groups have deliverables and a timeframe
      • Documented practices might not be the deliverable
      • Pointing out a series of practices within the community might be helpful
      • For those who have no adopted the Samvera stack, perhaps we could provide an assessment of the current deployment
        • Information which is helpful (at a generic level) might be best
      • Who is our primary audience for the deliverable of this working group?
        • This is likely to be an ongoing discussion
        • Providing guidelines for new adopters is a great side-effect
        • However, it might not be a target deliverable
      • DockerHub Organization
        • This already exists
        • Are we in agreement that we would be using Dockerfiles?
        • Dockerfiles and an example Docker Compose structure which spins up and prepares a Hyrax (in a Vagrant Box) would be a good deliverable
      • What of other container orchestration tools? Helm Chart? Kubernetes?
        • Difficult to determine, some on the call have limited experience with these
      • Other infrastructure-as-code examples
        • Puppet
        • Chef
        • Ansible
        • Terraform
        • CloudFormation
      • Would like to present deliverables at Samvera Connect 2020
        • Is that reasonable?
        • All agree
        • Code4Lib Breakout will be scheduled by Aaron
    • Communications and Meeting Tools
      • Bluejeans is acceptable
    • All members are asked to please review and edit the charter
    • Michael has volunteered to serve as the Chair for this Working Group
    • Aaron has volunteered to serve as Co-Chair
  • Scheduling the Next Call
    • Does this day and time work?
    • All agree
    • Every two weeks?
      • This might be too often, but while the charter is being drafted, this might be of value
      • 01/31/20
    • Moderator: Aaron Collier
    • Notetaker: James Griffin
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:37PST/14:37EST