Tuesday 22nd January

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    Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 669 900 6833 (US Toll)

    Meeting ID: 845 699 570 

    International numbers available: https://zoom.us/u/abNx7Y06Q6 


Karen Cariani  (WGBH, Boston)

Jon Dunn (Indiana University) (Chair)

Hannah Frost (Stanford University)

Richard Green (University of Hull - co-facilitator)

Jessica Hilt (University of California, San Diego)

Brian Hole (Ubiquity Press)

Ryan Steans (Northwestern University, Avalon - co-facilitator)


  1. Changes to agenda

  2. 2019 Partner and Supporter Fundraising call
    1. Potential contributors list at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ws0pBfuZcdxN_UpnE8LGTtsox2-MyI_4jUbV3UqnDCk/edit?usp=sharing
      Previous fundraising letters: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rawDb5Xe3U_VWvDGPYZkgO5-hAlRbZn9GwBuVKWpoIM/edit
    2. "Deadline" end of February

  3. Any other business

  4. Date of next meeting
    1. Tuesday 5th February 11:00 ET, 8:00 PT, 16:00 UK - Sponsorship (or not) of Connect?
    2. Tuesday 19th February - Big money fundraising (with Brian's contact contributing?)

Fundraising letters

  • In 2019 will send the main letter to all Partners (and non-Partner donors).  DuraSpace will be asked to send the Fedora and Samvera combined letter, Samvera will send the "Samvera only" letter if they are uncomfortable about that.
  • Discussion (unresolved) about whether to put a total fundraising target. Rather the letter should talk about strengthening, sustaining and solidifying the community and its products. Staff are (obviously?) essential to be able to do that well.  Growth of community needs good, dedicated management and coordination
  • 2018 letter is not obviously appealing to Library Deans. May need to be more explicit about the need to hire, and what Samvera does and provides for them (Marketing WG is working on something?). Emphasise that you pay into OS development rather than pay licenses?
  • Letter should mention CCMWG, Roadmap Council, Hyrax WG (collaborative development), Hyku (Hannah will gather up to date info), Bridge2Hyku. Should celebrate last year's accessibility work. Mention implementation of Governance recommendations; diversification of Community into vendor space.  Celebrate Connect, Virtual Connect, Partner meetings, Dev congresses etc - and look forward to even better ones next year
  • Reference the 2018 Annual Report and try to have the 2019 one ready for the fundraising cycle
  • Jon will work up a draft of the basic 2019 text for comment


  • Three categories - continuing contributors, Partners who do not donate (though we acknowledge some do not have the funds to do so); others
  • Try to arrange conversations with non-donating Partners and encourgae those who could (how?  Peer pressure, coloured levels?)
  • List
    • Boston Public Library
    • CoSector, U o London
    • DPLA
    • Digital Repository of Ireland
    • Lafayette College
    • LSE
    • Oregon State (as Oregon Digital)
    • U Alberta
    • UCSB
    • U Oregon (as Oregon Digital)
    • U York
    • WUSTL

Action Items:

  • Hannah - up to date info on Hyku
  • Jon:  Draft of skeleton of the letter -
  • Richard: Accelerate production of 2019 Annual Report
  • Next call - finalize text - 
  • Sponsorship of Connect as next meeting
  • Brian wanted to bring in a colleague to talk about fundraising
  • Following call - external fundraising - Feb. 19

Notes from Ryan:

next time - sponsorship for Connect

total raised last year - about ~100K (plus revenue from Samvera Connect)

DuraSpace call - only to those who are DuraSpace supporters

Richard has list of people who get this letter - some just contribute to Samvera and not Fedora

Decide who the other Group of people will be who would receive the letter (non-Samvera contributors)

Language about "strengthening community helps solidify products, sustaining products across the board" makes it easier to give

"Solidify and sustain" - OS concerns in general, can fade, no support, have to keep up with changes.  No core product upon which Samvera is built.

Part of Gov recs, two staff positions looking toward sustainability - that's what we're raising for

Explicit - tie governance model, need for staff, growth of community, need for staff to coordinate and harness efforts of community

Progress from prior year and expected progress in coming year

ADA, Core Components, Hyrax, Roadmap, Governance, events like connect and virtual connect

diversification of the community in terms of the vendor space, energy around hosted Hyrax and Hyku, Avalon - 

Hyku:  Notch8, Ubiquity Press, TDL.org work (Nick Woodward and UH)

What is DCE doing - Tenejo

Part of partnership in an effort/ membership in org - (a) a professional org, (b) cost of doing OS software.  

Forward looking:  going on now or things that happened last year - 

Finalize by End of Feb.  Have it in reasonable shape in next two weeks.  

List of all contributors in 2018.  

Partners staff contrib and Partners staff contrib

3rd audience - in community but not a partner

assign or volunteer from Steering to make contact with that partner.  


Level categories - (silver, gold) - 

Pursuing sponsorships - piggyback on that for partners as well - fundraising, give folks a clear idea of what they're getting for their money

So what do the levels mean?  What do they get for the money?  Clearer what we can offer.

Aperio foundation - individual membership - free seat at annual conference

Annual Report - get it done early to explain to Deans what the funding is for