Tuesday 25th February 2019




  1. Introductions
  2. Outside fundraising - discussion and brainstorming with Danielle Robinson (All)
  3. Annual fundraising call check-in (Jon)
    1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K2Q7qona5IlCeyxrCKG-ghCg4Sc1CFzETcGRj4CPZ5w/edit?usp=sharing
  4. 2019 Connect sponsorship check-in (Ryan and Jessica) 
    1. List of Potential Sponsors
      1.  get the contact of the sales reps who
      2. talk to procurement - anyone with a contract - in's to the company COntracts person can find individuals
      3. Start collecting contact info
    2. Levels chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19KOobVRUp3SNvYXLKRkX2xCAud44S_AJeEmxrk2cETY/edit?usp=sharing
      1. share with Andrew at Wash U at St. Louis - what can they deliver or not deliver
      2. Ryan run by Andrew (CC Richard and Jon D)
      3. People are willing to pay for a mailing list - at UCSD - give them access to which participants opted into (basic rules on etiquette)
  5. Any other business
  6. Date of next meeting?
    1. Jon unavailable March 4-15

Danielle Robinson - Code For Science and Society - Fiscal Sponsorship Program

When an org receives a grant - fiscal sponsorship - can avoid the burden of a 

Grant to Re-grant - they get the grant and grant it over to the org

    Most projects inside the states take advantage of benefits package

3 prongs of Samvera Fundraising WG

  • Annual Fundraising Campaign
  • Conference Sponsorship
  • Larger Scale Funding Opportunities/ Issues

In-Kind Contribution

Pay in as member - do not - just donating time


Transition or Add - Service Contract - if no one pays, the first work that will go by the wayside are core maintenance tasks not tied to exciting projects/ coordination and community management.  Direct effort more strategically and slow burn out of volunteers, etc... 

Most fundraising w/ Private Philanthropy - some IMLS grants - could pull together a consortia to get a government grants

Would IMLS go in for something bigger?  Pursuing or checking back in with a scope/ building a community - re-evaluate Governance as orgs hit 6-10 years 

Revisit/ Reach-out to program officer at IMLS to check interest.  

In terms of private philanthropy, difficult to get core operations covered.  Want to fund new and exciting initiatives/ bounded projects.  Money can run out when project ends.  

Funder to set up some structures, get the structures in place.  Get a business model started/ need to fill roles with staff to professionalize organization.  Mellon and Sloan.  Bridge the gap for next 5 years for governance for next ten.  

Helmsley - family foundation.  4 Trustees.  Cross-program initiative.  Initiatives to help existing programs, so, like Data Management.  Try to develop a relationship.  (Josh is the contact) 

 Arcadia - Focus on Open Access (Ross).  Still getting a handle on what is funded and what isn't.  Make sure he knows what we're doing.  

Welcomm Trust - an international group.   Based in UK.  

Schedule a bunch of 30 minute calls, share the state of the org.  Funders like to fund a story where they can push an org to the next level.  That story is all set up.  

Direct benefit to Humanities - get to trustees, and pass.  What is the angle?  More direct outcome of work.  

In Samvera Community - champions of researchers who use these services - who depends on Samvera infrastructure?  - Mellon is a special case.  Sloan can be just across open scholarship.  

Siegel Family Endowment  & Laura and John Arnold Foundation - young family foundations with living donors (Laura at Siegel, Meredith at Arnold)

Ford is interested in Open Infrastructure - 

Gordon and Betty Moore - direct impact on science (Chris Metzel)

AI:  Craft story about next ten years of Samvera - getting an investment, 3-5 year grant for business development, 

Brian - Chan-Zuckerberg 

Howard Hughes - centerpiece is their HHMI investigators.  Fund scientists directly.  Infrastructure and publishing.  

Make case to Don and Patricia (talk to Josh first) - 

15-30 minute call on the Landscape.  

AI - email to tell Danielle what we said we'd do.  

Brian knows Ross at Arcadia/ Ashley Sans at IMLS

3-5 business planning, business development project to get capacity going - some sort of sustainability plan

AI - follow up with Josh - Brian ask Danielle 

IMLS?  National Platform - help more institutions - 

Why did second Hyku proposal fail?  - Reach out to Erin Tripp and find out.  Submitted 2 years ago (had Mara Marks left?).  

Fundraising - Jon has redrafted letter - link is in the agenda