Tuesday 3rd September

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    Meeting ID: 845 699 570 
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  1. Additions to the agenda

  2. Annual fundraising call 
    1. Status check - see spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fM_j0bxghEGxGTEBcPeZtDc_wEPQJiDreWOAbNoh-Ek/edit?usp=sharing
      1. BPL
      2. Cornell
      3. CoSector
      4. DPLA
      5. DRI
      6. DuraSpace/Lyrasis
      7. Lafayette
      8. LSE
      9. Notch8
      10. Oregon State
      11. UC Santa Barbara
      12. U Oregon
      13. U Utah
      14. U York
      15. WUSTL
    2. Some contacts have been made but no substantive results yet. (Edit: 09/04 - Lafayette just offered $1,000)
      Need a full financial report from Lyrasis before the Partner Meeting.

  3. Connect Sponsorship
    1. Information for potential sponsors: https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/samvera/Samvera+Connect+2019%3A+Sponsors
    2. Status check
      1. Update:  Notch8 have taken bronze sponsorsuip Ubiquity Press, silver.
    3. Contacting further potential sponsors: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R-6KpDzXvA79wZYuHqJU2tPDWTazCwwGEgS_V9Spk28/edit#gid=0
      Ask Jessica for advice on the block Ansible → Cloud9.
      Brian has a meeting with DataCite coming up; he might have a contact in Microsoft Research who could point us to the right person for potential sponsorship.
      Jon will ask Ryan if he made any progress with Artefactual.

      ALL:  Please continue to seek sponsorship and make note on the sheet.

  4. Follow-ups on Danielle Robinson discussion re. funders
    1. Status check - draft document is here
    2. Samvera's on-line version should have a link to our Annual Report.
      Richard: Add graphs to end to help visualize Partner growth and fundraising growth.
      Hannah will give Tom Cramer a heads-up that the document is almost ready for use in approaching Josh Greenberg at the Sloan Foundation

  5. Final report to Partners (due now at Partner Meeting...)
    Richard will pull together a final draft for discussion before going to Partners in time for the October meeting.

  6. Any other business

  7. Next call
    17 September 2019 - usual time slot. - Apologies Richard for 9/17 and 10/1.