Tuesday 5th February



Hannah Frost

Karen Cariani

Richard Green

Jessica Hilt

  1. Changes to agenda

  2. Review annual fundraising text: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K2Q7qona5IlCeyxrCKG-ghCg4Sc1CFzETcGRj4CPZ5w/edit?usp=sharing
    1. Should we state a $ goal and if so what?  Yes, stick with Jon's suggested $200k
    2. Move the paragraph "To evolve" to be paragraph #2
    3. Jon will make minor tweaks as suggested and then this goes to Steering for sign-off.
    4. Need to coordinate with DuraSpace over how and when to use it.

  3. 2019 Connect sponsorship
    1. Should we seek sponsorship?
    2. Potential problems
      1. Prospective sponsors whose values are antithetical with ours
      2. If income is used to increase surplus on conference income which then goes into central funds, community could become dependent on sponsorship income which is never guaranteed - especially dangerous when staffing is involved
    3. If we recommend taking sponsorship
      1. Connect 2019 would be as a trial
      2. Would we be active (seeking sponsorship) or passive (advertising that we'd like some and waiting for it to come)
      3. If active, who would we approach
      4. How would we time our "ask" so as not to approach the same sponsors as, say OR, at the same time?
      5. What would sponsors get in return?  Wider awareness of the services they offer - effectively we'd be "selling" contacts.  They like to see their name attached to something - eg conference dinner
      6. Would we accept sponsorship from organizations in the library space offering "competitive" products?
      7. Have "we" the time (person hours) to do this?  Actively seeking sponsorship is very time consuming
      8. Needs to involve the hosts
      9. Would we plan this as a one-off or as a repeatable model?
    4. General feeling that a one year trial would do no harm
      1. Take a passive approach this year - page where sponsors can sign up
      2. Need to decide what they get - table, logo on website etc, mention in opening remarks, free registration?
      3. Need to talk to local hosts about facilities and taking the money (needs to be seen to go to the conference, not to Samvera central in the first instance - Richard will contact them
      4. Start to develop "levels" of sponsorship and a "prospectus" - Ryan and Jessica will do this with help from all
      5. Jessica and Jon both have lists of organizations that might be potential sponsors

  4. Any other business
    1. Ryan to set up Slack channel for this group

  5. Date of next meeting
    1. Was - Tuesday 19th February - Big money fundraising (with Brian's contact contributing?) - probably being moved.  Need to coordinate with Brian Hole and his contact, Danielle Robinson (Code for Science and Society), who was going to join us and talk about "big" fundraising opportunities.  Jon to investigate and advise
    2. Next few biweekly meeting slots pose problems for one or more people.  Jon to post new Doodle?

Fundraising: - ask for a total amount - yes

Off to Steering for review


Dependency on Sponsors - important but not integral to conference

   divert sponsorships to central Samvera funds?  

   adds to conference - better coffee breaks, etc...  although we did good last year

   use to lower price of conference as you don't want to create dependencies - 

Approach as a trial for 2019 

active or passive?  - Jon has an OR list  

Argument for sponsorship?  - services and products direct to Samvera (AWS, ansible, etc...)  

Competitors showing support for Open Source - ex libris, ebsco, elsevier

Logo, Comp registrations, table, mention at opening and closing, greeting at poster session

AI: develop levels prospectus - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19KOobVRUp3SNvYXLKRkX2xCAud44S_AJeEmxrk2cETY/edit?usp=sharing

AI:  list of potential sponsors  List of Potential Sponsors

AI:  Slack channel for Fundraising WG #fundraising_fun

AI: shift to the 26th? - Richard is away but check in with Brian and Danielle Robinson

Bigger picture fundraising beyond Community Members

Brian Hole had an idea for a guest - Danielle Robinson - Code for Science and Society