Thursday Lightning talks - MGR / ALL



Title of talkSpeakerProposed audiencePresentations
Archival Description, Digital Objects, and HydraErin Faulder (Tufts)NPA & MGRSlides
University of Alberta's Plans for a Hydra/OpenStack Swift DAMSPeter Binkley (U of Alberta)NPA & MGR (& wouldn't exclude Dev)Slides
Oregon Digital: Moving from CONTENTdm to HydraKaren EstlundDevs? Mgrs? 
Strategic hiring and position development for Hydra shops in libraries. What kinds of roles are emerging or being re-cast/re-thought as the result of expanded, deepening commitment to a Hydra infrastructure at academic libraries?Patricia HwseMgrs? NPA(M)? 
A review of best practices regarding standing up a PROD environment vs a DEV environment. As a new adopter it would be helpful to hear lessons learned when making the move from DEV to PROD and issues to consider.Mark Sellan (WUSTL)All 
MIRA to TDIL workflow for imagesAlicia Morris (Tufts)NPA,MGRSlides
ArcLight (né BeadL) – Blacklight-Based Discovery for Information in ArchivesTom CramerNPA, MGRArcLight slides
FPR - Format Policy Registry - Preservation Planning across institutionsJustin SimpsonAll 
Batch Ingest for HydraMark BusseyAlln/a
GeoBlacklight - geo data and geospatial discoveryJack ReedAll 
LIT Ideas and Requests (Front Door)John Weise n/a
Open Vault at WGBHKaren Cariani n/a but see