2021 Autumn Developer Congress: December 2nd, 2021

GitHub Project

Group Updates

  • Hyrax-Valkyrization Testing
    • nurax-pg was tested with user interface testing
    • Error issues were created in response to finding the bugs while creating the bugs
  • Hyrax-Valkyrization Coding
    • Continuing working on adding code to support default admin sets that don't depend on using hardcoded DEFAULT_ID.  Postgres adapter doesn't support assigning IDs.
    • Next up is updating the admin set controller to work with Hyrax::AdministrativeSet resource instead of AF AdminSet
  • nurax-pg Docker Container Testing
    • Michael: Docker development environment, there are several bugs which were discovered
  • Rails 6 Support
  • Update Hyrax Install Documentation
    • Successful standing up of Hyrax using Docker, going to 3.2 release was not necessary (`main` was used)
      • No major adjustments were needed for the documentation, but a troubleshooting section was needed
    • Test for installing and running Hyrax on a virtual machine
      • This was also successful, and Jon identified some possible improvements for the documentation (this is on the GitHub Wiki)
      • This was using the 3.2 release template (not the main branch)
    • Fedora 4.7.5 image for Docker
      • This doesn't work for M1 Apple Macs
      • Official builds do target the proper architecture for these Docker Images
        • This will need to be addressed for the Docker Images used by the community
        • Hyrax Maintenance WG can consider next week whether or not addressing this is possible
  • Samvera Gem Ownership
    • Addressing GitHub Team membership and RubyGem Gem ownership
      • Who can publish Gem releases?
      • Who can manage access for Teams?
    • Scripts within https://github.com/samvera/maintenance/tree/main/script
      • Used to manage permissions on RubyGems
      • Not currently working properly
    • Considering migrating this functionality to https://github.com/samvera-labs/huborg
      • Automating RubyGems authorizations
      • James will propose this on the Tech Call
    • Who authorizes the escalation/granting of admin. and Gem publishing privileges?
      • Roadmaps Alignments Group will be contacted for this
    • Role of the Samvera Tech. Coordinator and Community Manager
      • Perhaps there could be some direction here


  • Hyrax container and chart publishing --- automation edition (Today? Friday?)
  • Hyrax Onboarding (Friday?)
  • CircleCI build image update (Friday?)

Additional Discussion Items

  • <To be added>