Topic List - Developer Congress 2020

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Topic suggestions for work during the November 2020 Developer Congress.  Please follow checklist below for submitting your proposed topic.  If your topic has related github issues they can be added to the 2020 Developer Congress Project Issue Board.

Topic Proposal Checklist

  • Short Title
  • Description
  • Link to Issues, Branches, Documentation, etc.
  • Duration, estimate how long the session will last (For example: 3hrs, (2) 8hr days, etc.)
  • Proposed By (Samvera Slack Channel Handle)
  • Facilitator (Samvera Slack Channel Handle) (Topic Facilitator Guide - Developer Congress 2020)


Title: Update ActiveFedora to work on Fedora 5.
Description: We have a branch sitting around that almost gets ActiveFedora working with Fedora 5, we could work together to get this passing.
Duration:  6 hrs
Proposed By:   Trey Pendragon (Slack: @tpendragon)
Facilitator: Seeking a facilitator.

NOTE: Put this information in the Proposed Topics table below.

Proposed Topics

You can...

TitleDescriptionLinksTime EstimateProposed ByFacilitatorInterested in

Review Samvera Labs for Promotion Candidates (or Archive Candidates)


We have quite a few repositories in Samvera Labs.  Some of these may warrant promotion into Samvera; Others may be something to move to samvera-deprecated of the Dev Congress

What are we going to do about the cloud?!


Some steps have been taken toward containerization and orchestration support for Samvera components, but we're missing a clear vision for what support would be useful, what containers and other resources we should publish and maintain, etc... Can we fulfill the vision of "Hydra in a Box" (a box is a type of container, after all)?

tamsin woo @no_reply

React IIIF Media Player


Build and extend a IIIF powered audio/video player with React, JavaScript, Rollup, and Styleguidist.


Github Project:

NPM (coming soon...)

Dev congress and extending into a community sprint Nov. 19-25, 2020. Join us for some pre-Thanksgiving fun.

Adam J. Arling

slack @adam.arling


Kait Sewell

Dananji Withana

Divya Katpally



Continue work on moving Hyrax toward being able to switch over to Valkyrie as the data layer. congress and beyondLynette Rayle

Lynette Rayle (if needed - happy for someone else to lead)

M3 Metadata Parser for Hyrax/Valkyrie


Hyrax's Valkyrie based models have config-driven schema loading. To support Allinson Flex, we'll want that to have M3 support. Let's work on it
Maybe a day to get a base implementation? Probably more follow-up work after that.

tamsin woo


What the Front Door? Providing guidance to try out Hyrax


Hyrax's documentation provides a variety of ways to get Hyrax up and running, sometimes all in the same place. We can probably sort that out to provide clearer guidance.

Documentation that still seems relevant:

Documentation that is still available but doesn't seem relevant anymore:

Meeting Notes (2020-11-16):

Maybe a day to talk through the options, how to provide guidance for which option to use, and how best to provide those options in our documentation. Follow-up work will be needed to actually update documentation.Juliet HardestyJuliet Hardesty

Rails 6.0 / Blacklight 7.0 Support


Hyrax and most core components currently only support up to Rails 5.2 which is facing the possibility of losing support with the looming release of Rails 6.1.  Let's review what needs to be done and make a plan.  If there is interest then start the work!2 hours to make a plan and document it.
Working on the plan could fill as much time as there is interest.
Chris Colvard (Deactivated)

Circle CI Orb updates, release 1.0, and promote to core?


The Samvera CircleCI orb has unreleased improvements and unmerged PRs.  A new release might need to be 1.0 to avoid breaking existing users.  We should also look at what it would take to promote the orb to samvera core.

2-4 hours depending on goalsChris Colvard (Deactivated)

Facilitator Guide

  • Propose or claim a topic in the Proposed Topics table above
  • You will be asked to introduce your topic with a brief summary (minute or less) during the kick off meeting

Contributor Resources

Goal of this checklist is to enable leaders of specific issues to be able to collect resources for those interested in contributing; aiming to provide a shared knowledge base before beginning the work together.  While optional, if you're facilitating a topic we recommend you provide these resources to attendees ahead of time:

  • Prepare zoom link or slack room link that will be used for contributors to gather
  • Prepare short list of languages the work will be coded in
  • Prepare list of any tutorials a contributor can complete to familiarize themselves with the work ahead
  • If similar work has occurred in other repositories please include links to those repositories as well