APIs in Samvera Applications

This page lists Samvera applications that include APIs, with the usage and implementation technologies.


API Use Cases

Gems/Tools Used


API Use Cases

Gems/Tools Used

Economics, Statistics and Market Information System (USDA / Cornell)

Creating/migrating content


Meadow (Northwestern)

Provide API for React frontend


Figgy (Princeton)

Bulk update FileSet properties from Vue.js page labeling/ordering tool

Query for objects linked to catalog/finding aid records

IIIF manifest generation to power a digital object viewer

OAI-PMH harvesting

GraphQL (graphql-ruby)

Figgy implementation

IIIF (iiif_manifest)

OAI-PMH (ruby-oai)

Digital WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Auto-ingest ETDs


Hyku API (Ubiquity)

API for React frontend


Avalon Media System

  • REST API - Bulk edit/ingest/CRUD

  • Player API - Frontend API; control the video player when embedded in another context

  • IIIF Presentation 3.0 Manifest Generation and IIIF Auth

Standard Rails and JS

IIIF (iiif_manifest)


Other API Usage

API Use Cases

Grouping above usage into broad categories to identify possible areas of overlap and collaboration:

  • Bulk edit/ingest/CRUD

  • Frontend APIs (React/Vue/etc., and often read-only)

  • Harvesting (also usually read-only)