ArcLight MVP


The ArcLight MVP work cycle is a focused, eight week effort (April 10-June 2, 2017) to prototype some of the features and designs identified during the  ArcLight Design Process. Like the design process, the MVP work cycle is a community-based project. Stanford’s overall goal is to build a compelling minimum viable product informing future work on future versions of ArcLight and as an early prototype for a Stanford-focused environment to support discovery of archival materials. Michigan’s overall goal is to develop a successor to their current DLXS-based platform for finding aids. For broader context, please review the work cycle's inception deck.

Timeline and Milestones

The three major milestones identified for this work cycle so far are:

  • April 7: Stanford kickoff meeting

  • April 10: Start of first sprint

  • June 2: End date of eighth and final sprint

Meeting schedule and communication channels

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held on BlueJeans: 

  • Sprint planning meeting: Mondays, 10:00-11:30 AM PDT (GMT-7)
  • Standup: Tuesdays-Fridays, 10:15-10:30 AM
  • Sprint close (demos, retrospective, and standup): at the start of Sprint planning starting on Week 2

The primary communication channels for the MVP across partners and the community are the #arclight channel on Code4lib Slack and the arclight-community Google Group.



  • Core team
    • Mark Matienzo (Stanford), as Product Owner (~80%)
    • Jessie Keck (Stanford), as Technical Lead and Developer (100%)
    • Darren Hardy (Stanford, as Developer (100%)
    • Gordon Leacock (Michigan), as Developer (80%)
    • Jack Reed (Stanford), as Developer (100%)
    • Gary Geisler (Stanford), as UX Designer (~50%)

    • Jennifer Vine (Stanford), as UX Designer (~50%)

    • Erin Fahy (Stanford), as DevOps Liaison
    • Tom Cramer (Stanford), as Management Liaison
    • Nabeela Jaffer (Michigan), as Management Liaison
  • Stakeholder representatives
    • Stanford
      • Stu Snydman, Digital Library Systems and Services
      • Laura Wilsey, Digital Library Systems and Services
      • Jenny Johnson, Special Collections and University Archives
      • Michelle Paquette, Special Collections and University Archives
      • Frank Ferko, Archive of Recorded Sound
      • Charles Fosselman, East Asia Library
      • Sarah Patton, Hoover Institution Archives
    • University of Michigan
      • Mike Shallcross, Bentley Historical Library
      • Max Eckard, Bentley Historical Library
      • Dallas Pillen, Bentley Historical Library
      • Roger Espinosa, Digital Library Platform & Services
      • Tom Burton-West, Digital Library Platform & Services
      • Chris Powell, Digital Library Platform & Services
    • Rockefeller Archives Center
      • Hillel Arnold
      • Bonnie Gordon
      • Patrick Galligan
    • National Library of Medicine
      • John Rees
    • Georgia Tech
      • Wendy Hagenmaier