ArcLight Phase II

The ArcLight Phase II work cycle is a focused, nine week effort (August 13-October 11, 2019) to refine the usability and accessibility of the ArcLight MVP, to address strategic needs in a community-based fashion, and to improve maintainability. Like the design process and MVP work, this work cycle is a community-based project. For broader context, please review the inception deck.

Timeline and milestones:

  • August 13th: Kick-off Meeting (10AM PT)
  • October 11th: End of Workcycle
  • October 9th-11th: Blacklight Summit at Duke
  • ??? :Community Report-out

Meeting schedule and communication channels

  • Daily standup (dev team): Monday-Friday 10:00 AM Pacific (30 mins)
  • Backlog grooming (POs): Monday 8:00 AM Pacific (1 hour) 
  • Weekly demo (dev team + POs) and retrospective (dev team): Tuesday 10:00 AM Pacific (1 hour)
  • Weekly planning (dev team): Wednesday 10:00 AM Pacific (1 hour)
  • Story time: as needed

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held on Zoom:

The primary communication channels for the work cycle across contributors are the #arclight channel on Code4lib Slack and the arclight-2019-workcycle email list.

Communication with the community will be via the arclight-community Google Group and Slack.



  • Dev Team
    • Sean Aery (Duke)
    • Lea Ann Bradford (Notch8 for Indiana)
    • Chris Beer (Stanford)
    • Christina Chortaria (Princeton)
    • Bill Dueber (Michigan)
    • Gary Geisler (Stanford)
    • James Griffin (Princeton)
    • Jessie Keck (Stanford)
    • Gordon Leacock (Michigan)
    • Mark Matienzo (Stanford, lead product owner)
    • Jack Reed (Stanford, tech lead)
    • Nikitas Tampakis (Princeton)
    • Esty Thomas (Michigan)
    • Camille Villa (Stanford, scrum master)
    • Jennifer Vine (Stanford)
  • Product Owners
    • Mark Matienzo (Stanford, lead product owner)
    • Max Eckard (Michigan)
    • Julie Hardesty (Indiana)
    • Regine Heberlein (Princeton)
    • Noah Huffman (Duke)
    • Chris Powell (Michigan)
    • Josh Schneider (Stanford)
  • Steering
    • Esmé Cowles (Princeton)
    • Tom Cramer (Stanford)
    • Michelle Dalmau (Indiana)
    • Jon Dunn (Indiana)
    • Jim Halliday (Indiana)
    • Mark Matienzo (Stanford)
    • Will Sexton (Duke)
    • John Weise (Michigan)