ArcLight Design Documents

Below are the design documents we intend to complete and share as part of the ArcLight design process. Completed documents are linked; additional documents will be linked to as we finalize them.

Discovery Research


Stakeholder Goals

A summary of the common themes from the stakeholder goals articulated by a dozen participating institutions.

User Interviews

Report on the user interviews we conducted in spring, 2015 and early summer, 2016. 

Information Architecture


Prioritized list of requirements for the project. Subject to refinement and re-prioritization.

User Personas

Personas that we developed for the project.


Static wireframe diagrams to guide the development of specific ArcLight features.

  • (star) For community review: ArcLight minimum viable product mockups (posted 4/13/2017)
  • Full set of mockups (for context, may include out of scope work for the MVP work cycle) 
    • End-User UI mockups
    • Administrative UI mockups
    • Page widget ("content block") mockups
  • Previous versions
    • Design sprint 1 and 2 mockups (conceptual sitemap, home page, repositories, repository details, collections, collection overview and contents, item detail, results, agents, about pages)