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Community Principles

Samvera Community Principles

Getting Connected

Mailing lists, weekly open technical calls, etc. are all listed on the Getting Started in the Samvera Community page.

Getting Code

All of our code is hosted on Github in the Samvera and Samvera Labs organizations.

On-line Resources and Tutorials

For New and Potential Adopters:

For Developers:

Where Can Developers Get Training?

If you are looking for training please contact the Samvera Community Manager, to be connected to resources.

Tickets: Reporting Bugs & Requesting Features

We use Github issues as our project tracker. Please report issues against the git repository for the specific gem you are having issues with. If you are unable to identify the gem in which your problem is occurring, please e-mail the mailing list to help narrow your issue.

For examples, see the issues here: