Developer Resources - Hyrax-Valkyrization Community Effort - March 7-18, 2022

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Hyrax-Valkyrization MVP

The goal was to have a functional MVP (minimal viable product) prior to this Community Effort.  The MVP for Hyrax using a postgres Valkyrie adapter is defined as: CRUD (i.e. create, read, update, delete) operations for the major components (i.e. admin sets, collections, works, file sets, files) can be successfully accomplished through the UI.  This includes additional functionality that is required to load the forms that support these operations.

The status of the MVP organized by major component is described in Issues #5326.  Any incomplete functionality for the MVP has the highest priority.

What to work on?

The Project Board lists issues related to the Valkyrization effort and includes columns:

  • Ready - issues that are ready to be worked on (no known blockers) and are not already assigned to a developer
  • In Progress - issues currently being worked on - when you move an issue to this column, assign it to yourself and any other developers working on it with you
  • Ready for Review - there is a PR that fixes the issue, tests are green (passing), and it is ready for review
  • DONE - completed issues

There are two additional columns that are used by organizers.

  • Back Log - issues with known blockers OR issues that are older and needing review 
  • Archived - issues closed prior to this community effort

NOTE: You can also see issues related to this effort using the Valkyrization label on the GitHub Issues page for Hyrax.

Reference Documentation

References for Hyrax Development:

References for Understanding Hyrax & Valkyrie Code: