Hyrax-Valkyrization Community Effort - March 7-18, 2022



This is a two week-long community development effort focused on moving forward the Hyrax-Valkyrization effort where developers and other technologists are coming together virtually to work on Community code and documentation related to advancing the use of a postgres adapter for metadata in a Hyrax application. Technologists at all levels are welcome to participate.

In this wiki, you will find information on dates and meeting times, reference materials to orient you to Hyrax and Valkyrie, and support information on successfully using remote technologies for collaboration. If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to contact anyone in the Planning Group directly or ask your question in the Samvera Slack Channel #hyrax-valkyrie.

To help us plan, please indicate your intention to attend by signing up in the list to the right.

We look forward to seeing you and working together to move our community development forward.  

Dates and Daily Meetings


MEETING LINK: please see the slack #hyrax-valkyrie channel topic

  We will meet as a full group for a daily check-in and wrap-up on the last day. All meetings will be at…

  • - 12:30 PM Pacific/3:30 PM Eastern for check-in (check-in notes), scheduled for 30 min.

Developer Resources

This is a focused Development Community Effort to advance Hyrax-Valkyrization. The Developers Resource Page has

  • links to documentation and reference material

  • links to the project board and issues

  • other resources


Communication will primarily be through:

See Communication section on the Developer Congress Co-development Technologies page for additional information.

Signup to Participate

Add your name below if you plan to attend.  You are welcome to participate for both weeks, one week, or a few days. If you can indicate your expected availability, that will help with planning. We won’t hold you to your estimate.

Note to contribute to the code base, you must have signed a CLA for contributor - CLA PDF. Email legal@samvera.org for questions.

  1. @Lynette Rayle - facilitator (both weeks)

  2. Anna Headley (Princeton University Library)

  3. Trey Pendragon (Princeton University Library)

  4. Eliot Jordan (Princeton University Library)

  5. Shaun Ellis (Princeton University Library)

  6. Thanya Begum (Princeton University Library) (2nd week, part-time)

  7. Xander Gardner (Princeton University Library) (2nd week, part-time)

  8. Daniel Pierce (Indiana University) (8th-11th)

  9. @Chris Colvard (Indiana University) (part-time starting on the 8th)

  10. Tao Zhao (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) (part-time starting on the 9th)

  11. add your name here

Need access to the Samvera wiki?  Email heather@samvera.org