Glossary for Samvera Community Safety Policies

Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy

A document describing the Samvera Community's aspirational goals and values, and describing the Samvera Community's guidelines for ensuring an harassment-free community experience for everyone.  To be a good standing Samvera Community Member one implicitly agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy.

Code of Conduct Response Team

A group of Samvera Community Members that have been vetted by the Samvera Community to handle any reported Incidents 


An event in which one or more person's behavior might be a Code of Conduct or Anti-Harassment Policy violation that impacts one or more Samvera Community Members.

Incident Reporter

A person reporting an Incident to the Code of Conduct Response Team.

Incident Response

An Incident Response Team's response to an IncidentThe Incident Response Team will follow the established Incident Response Checklist.

Incident Response Checklist

The defined and Samvera Board of Directors approved steps used by the Code of Conduct Response Team to confidentially handle an Incident in an internally auditable manner.

Incident Response Team

A subset of the Code of Conduct Response Team formed to respond to an Incident.

Incident Response Team Lead

The person on an Incident Response Team who is responsible for ensuring that the Incident Response Team follows the process as defined in the Incident Response Handbook.

Incident Response Team Point of Contact(s)

The person or people on the Incident Response Team that will be responsible for communications with Involved Parties.

Involved Parties

The various people who are involved in an Incident (e.g., the Incident Reporter, bystanders, the person or people whose behavior prompted the reporting of the Incident).

Mandatory Reporter

A person, by nature of their obligations and/or contracts, that is required to report certain kinds of behaviors or events to legal authorities.

Incident Response Manual

The plans and procedures approved by the Samvera Board of Directors to prepare and equip the Code of Conduct Response Team for responding to Incidents. The Incident Response Handbook contains the Incident Response Checklist and also the processes for vetting Code of Conduct Response Team members, the goals of the processes and policies at large, processes for amending the handbook, etc.

Samvera Board of Directors

An elected body of Samvera Community Members that are affiliated with Samvera Partner Institutions.

Samvera Community Manager

A central Samvera staff member accountable to the Samvera Board of Directors, with a responsibility for nurturing the health and vibrancy of the Samvera Community.

Samvera Community

A group of people working, often on behalf of their employer, to advance the vision of Samvera

Samvera Community Member

An individual, in good standing with the Samvera Community, that participates in the Samvera Community activities by presenting or attending Samvera conferences, engaging on mailing lists or Slack, contributing code, documentation, taking notes for a Samvera meeting, engaging with Samvera working groups, or interest groups, etc.  (Note an individual need not have a signed Individual Contributor License Agreement to be a Samvera Community Member.)

Samvera Partner Institution

An institution committed by way of resource commitments to sustaining the Samvera Community; see the Samvera Partners page for more details.