Tools for Working with Triples Stores

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Summary of the Code



State of the code

  • ActiveTriples - extension of ruby-rdf work with RDF data as model objects drawing on some of the principles of ActiveRecord.
    • known to be compatible with the following ruby-rdf adaptors

      rdf-virtuosoFAILScreating a new resource gets an error about malformed sparql query
      rdf-agraph (AllegroGraph)Unknown 
      rdf-marmottaPartialvarying states of usefulness
      rdf-blazegraphPartialvarying states of usefulness
      rdf-sesameFAILS TESTSNOT passing the `rdf-spec` tests, so the caveats about blank nodes apply in an AT context:
      rdf-mongoOperationalwouldn't recommend it for anything but the most trivial applications
      rdf-do (sqlite3, postgres)Operationaldevelopment triplestore only; not optimized at all

Potential Improvements (if you have cycles for development)

Better Support for Desirable Triplestores

"The requirements for an `RDF::Repository` are fairly small, and ought to be manageable for anyone already familiar with a given triplestore's interfaces. I'd particularly like to see a 4Store implementation that uses bindings to the C interface; and I've recently worked on an alternative Blazegraph implementation using the Java (OpenRDF/Sesame) APIs. Unfortunately, this would only run in JRuby."


Evaluation, benchmarking, and optimization of existing implementations

"Evaluation, benchmarking, and optimization of existing implementations would be another useful line of work from the RDF.rb perspective."