Apache Marmotta Overview

Marmotta is an RDF4J (Sesame) based Triplestore and Linked Data Platform server.

In addition to core SPARQL & LDP functionality, it supports reasoning, transparent "Linked Data Cache", transactions & versioning.

Versioning is automatic, when turned on, and versions are accessible over a Memento interface. However, versioning is not LDP-aware.


The Ruby RDF library for Marmotta are based closely on the general SPARQL::Client::Repository interface. It is generally considered unstable work in progress (see: https://github.com/dpla/rdf-marmotta#note-wip); the current release is in the 0.0.x series.

Improvements could be made by working on performance, moving CRUD operations to optimized interfaces (away from SPARQL), introducing transactions, and adding support for versioning.

DPLA & OregonDigital are both known users, but neither uses the library in an extensive way; performance and reliability requirements are low. DPLA's primary use is `#clear` in the test suite.