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Institution name


contact email

Product/Service Name
(please link to the live site)
Code repository
(please provide a link to the code repository if it is public)

Brief Description
(what is it used for and by whom?)

Main Features
(any customized features or additions to base gems)

Samvera solutions/gems (Please list the gem names like Hyku, Hyrax, Avalon, Sufia, older gems)

Storage Layer (Please list the storage like Fedora 3.2, Fedora 4.3 etc)

University of Virginia
@Ellen Ramsey

Ubiquity Press
@Brian Hole

British Library
@Torsten Reimer & Rachael Kotarski

Project: Advancing Hyku

A collaborative project to support the growth of open access through institutional repositories, by introducing significant structural improvements and new features to the Samvera Community's Hyku platform. The project partners are University of Virginia Library, Ubiquity Press and the British Library, with funding from Arcadia, a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

Automatic population of repository contents

Enhanced metrics to indicate usage of contents

Connect and sync with author identification and profile services

In-browser display, visualization and annotation

Pathways to long-term preservation services



The California State University System


Scholarship from the California State University on a shared, open platform




Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas - El Colegio de México


Institutional repository & Digital Collections




Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA

Digital WPI

Institutional repository for theses, dissertations, student projects and cultural heritage works

Work types: ETD, Student Work, Generic Work

Batch loader (The George Washington University) that we customized to ingest using a csv or json, logging and other features

API such that we can auto ingest ETDs and student projects from the ETD/student project submission application that we have.

Hyrax 2.5.0

Fedora 4.7.5 backed by PostgreSQL

Solr 6.6.2

US Department of Agriculture (hosted by Cornell)

Economics, Statistics and Market Information System

5 USDA Agencies manage usda publications (parent work) and add releases (child works) to publications that contain data files (txt, pdf, csv, xls, xml) for agricultural data. Mostly used by ag-economists, market analysts, researchers, farmers, etc.

Combination of permissions, user roles to allow agency admins to only have write permissions.
Front end customizations: Modified homepage to focus on search and browse.Only display publications (parent work) in search results.Added subscription feature so users can subscribe and get email notifications (via MailGun API).Customized work creation forms to use multi-step forms.
Reveresed parent child relationship.
Used collection extensions for 5 agencies with nested collection for one large agency with 4 divisions.
Store files on S3 with external content link in Fedora, links to file download use CloudFront distribution endpoint to S3
Created a read/write API for creating and migrating content

Hyrax 2.1.0

Fedora 4.5.0
Solr, 7.1.0

University of Hong Kong Libraries

DigitalRepository@HKUL (public access)
(back office )

DigitalRepository@HKUL is a platform for hosting digital contents received into or developed by HKU Libraries to support teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange. The repository provides digitized materials including books, manuscripts, journals, articles, photographs, videos, audio, music scores, ephemera, posters, drawings and more.

IIIF Manifest generation
OCR with Abbyy
SAML login
Spotlight for public access interface

Hyrax 2.5.1

Fedora 4.7.3

University of California Los Angeles

UCLA Library Digital Collections

The UCLA Digital Library Program (DLP) serves as the catalyst for the creation, management, and delivery of digital content in support of the UCLA Library mission and goals. The Program provides for the storage and dissemination of digital objects, including text, images, audio, and video in their various digital manifestations and combinations. The UCLA Library provides a web presence for digital collections, and provides storage, backup and digital preservation support for all digital content accepted into, or developed by, the Library.




University of Hull
@Chris Awre

Hydra at Hull
Source code on GitHub

Digital repository. Most content accessible to the world at large, some restricted to University users. Mediated deposit workflow.

Content largely consists of theses, journal articles and past examination papers (the last restricted to University users only) although many other types of digital content are present in smaller numbers.


Fedora 3.7

University of Michigan
@Nabeela Jaffer (

Deep Blue Data
Source code on GitHub

Research data repository for University of Michigan researchers. Deposit is mediated and access is open to all.

Tombstone, DOI, Download all files, Globus Download, Email Subscription, Local Analytics and UI ingest script


Fedora 4.7.4

University of Michigan
@Jeremy Morse (

Source code on GitHub

Fulcrum is an open source publishing platform that helps publishers present the full richness of their authors' research outputs in a durable, discoverable, accessible and flexible form.

Web-based EPUB reader. Works segmented by Publisher with customized branding and publisher specific analytics. Mediated access of subscription materials. Bulk importer. Support for embedded multimedia FileSets in EPUBS. AblePlayer integration for audio/video, Leaflet IIIF for images. Jekyll static site integration. COUNTER P5 analytics tracking and report generation.


Fedora 4.7.4

University of Utah
@Brian McBride
@Jacob Reed

The Hive

Institutional research data repository.


Hyrax 2.5.1

Fedora 4.7.5

University of Virginia
@Robin Lindley Ruggaber


Audio and video collections


Avalon 6.3.2 but migrating to 7.2. Both versions are based on earlier versions of the Hyra framework and using activefedora.

Fedora 4.7.4 but migrating to Fedora 4.7.5 with the 7.2 upgrade.

University of Virginia
@Robin Lindley Ruggaber


Geospatial Datasets


We have an older implementation and are planning an upgrade to 3.1.0


University of Virginia
@Ellen Ramsey & @Sherry

Libra - Scholarly Content Repository
source code on GitHub

Libra: Institutional Repository research output including dissertations and open scholarship, primarily self-deposit (unmediated workflow)

Content types: theses/dissertations, articles, books/manuscripts, presentations, reports, images, audio, video, supplemental files
DOI minting via DataCite
ORCID registration through external service

Libra: Sufia 7.3

Fedora 4.7.5

University of Alberta

Education & Research Archive





UC Santa Barbara

Alexandria Digital Research Library
Source code on GitHub

Digital collections system for unique digitized and born-digital library materials including photographs, prints, newspapers, maps, audio, sheet music, manuscripts, ETDs, and more.

Linked data support, controlled vocabularies, pan-and-zoom viewer, , batch ingest via CSV/MARC harvest/MODS, collection landing pages, ARK minting with EZID

Curation Concerns

Fedora 4.6.0

UC San Diego

Library Digital Collections





Tufts University

Tufts Digital Library





Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Trinity College Digital Collections

Repository of digitised collections for the Library in Trinity College Dublin. Includes national treasures such as the Book of Kells, and Clarke Stained Glass Studios Collection.

We remain fairly close to out-of-the-box Hyrax. A customised version of Bulkrax is used for batch ingests (thanks to Software Services by


Fedora 4.7.5
Solr 7.6
Cantaloupe 4.1.2

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University Libraries

Service: Carolina Digital Repository (CDR)
App: hy-c

Institutional Repository for OA articles, journals, student papers, research data, posters, 3d objects, OER and more.

People objects
Admin set/work type matching
12 worktypes
Blacklight OAI provider
Custom workflows
Custom permissions for metadata display
Custom permissions for Repo Admin
EDTF dates


Hyrax 2.5.1




An IR with support for configurable workflows (deposit, review, edit, publish)






A repository administrator's dashboard for workflow management and reporting





EEMs - Everyday Electronic Materials

A tool and workflow for accessioning born digital materials into a Library's formally managed collection





ETD's - Electronic Theses & Dissertations

ETD deposit, approval & access






Self-Archiving Legacy Toolkit




Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


Staff uploaded pieces from Archives and Special Collections at Southeastern.

Featured Collections
CSV Batch Import
PDF viewer (pdf.js)
EDTF dates and date slider

Hyrax 2.5.1

Fedora 4.7.5

Shared Research Repository
British Library
British Museum
Museum of London Archaeology
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
National Museums Scotland

Shared Research Repository:
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew:




Institutional repositories for UK cultural heritage organisations, currently all Independent Research Organisations (IROs). Content includes a variety of outputs including published works, datasets, 3D models and exhibition material.

Six individual repositories with a unified search layer over the top.
Built by Ubiquity Press with a number of custom features, including importer tool and public-facing design.

Hyku 1.0

Fedora 4.7.4

Science History Institute

Digital Collections





Princeton University Library
@Esmé Cowles

source code on github

Staff tool for building digital objects, which are served using IIIF, and embedded in our user-facing applications:
Blacklight: Catalog, Latin American Ephemera, and Digital Cicognara Library
GeoBlacklight: Digital Maps & Geospatial Data
Spotlight: Digital PUL

Content types: books/manuscripts, maps/geodata, ephemera, audio, numismatics, controlled vocabs
ARK minting with EZID
BagIt import/export
BrowseEverything ingest
Drag-and-drop page reordering, table-of-contents building
IIIF Manifest generation
MARC & EAD metadata import
OCR with Tesseract
PDF generation with Prawn
RabbitMQ event publishing
Workflows with AASM

valkyrie 2.0
valkyrie-sequel 2.0
browse everything

Metadata: Postgres 10
Primary Storage: CIFS-mounted Isilon
Preservation Storage: Google Cloud


Digital Archive of Latin American and Caribbean Ephemera





Penn State


A repository for collections of digital archival materials, automating the management of common preservation activities like file characterization and migration, fixity checking, etc., while preserving the relational and hierarchical connections between files.




Penn State


A self- and proxy-deposit repository for access to and preservation of scholarly works and data.




Oregon State University
@Margaret Mellinger

Source code on GitHub

Institutional repository for scholarly content including graduate theses and dissertations, articles, presentations, technical reports, and research datasets. Migrated from DSpace

Nested and ordered metadata fields;


Fedora 4.7.3

Oregon State University
@Margaret Mellinger
University of Oregon
@Franny Gaede

Oregon Digital
Source code on GitHub

Collaborative digital collections system for unique digitized and born-digital materials including photographs, articles, sheet music, manuscripts, ephemera, and more. Migrated from CONTENTdm

Linked data support, controlled vocabularies, pan-and-zoom viewer, BookReader viewer, bulk ingest from Bags, Collections/Sets landing pages, CONTENTdm URL redirects, OAI

Hydra 6

Fedora 3

Notre Dame


A general purpose Institutional Repository with functionality 'similar' to Hyrax



Fedora 3.x

Notre Dame

Digital Exhibits

A collection building and delivery application for digital library objects




Northwestern University


Institutional Repository research output including dissertations, data sets, and published articles.

DOI, download all files, AWS hosted


Fedora 4.7.4

Northwestern University


Avalon-based media system for special collections and course reserves

AWS hosted, Canvas integration

Avalon 7.x

Fedora 4.7.4

Northwestern University

Digital Collections (frontend)
Meadow (backend)

Digital Collections contains thousands of items from Northwestern University Libraries. While only a fraction of materials from the Libraries' collections are represented, the site is representative of the distinction and diversity of collections from the Northwestern Government and Geographic Information collection, Herskovits Library of African Studies, Music Library,McCormick Library of Special Collections, Transportation Library, and University Archives.



Meadow is the Digital Collections Backend and staff DAM.

react-iiif-viewer (
image downloader (
serverless IIIF (

Digital Collections is a React application hosted on S3. It consumes a metadata API powered by Elastic Search (our "common index"). Images are backed by a "serverless" IIIF endpoint hosted on a lambda.



Meadow: Elixir-based application with a suite of serverless functions to do the heavy lifting.

postgres/ s3







New York City Municipal Archives

New York City Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS) Digital Platform

DORIS Digital Platform houses collections from the New York City Municipal Archives. The platform expands access to all collections to a diverse range of users.

Hyku pilot project
Archivematica integration



National Institute for Materials Science

Materials Data Repository

Institutional research data and publications repository with a focus on materials science.

Customized data model with nested properties for materials metadata. DOIs. CSV preview. 'Download all' for multi-file works.

Hyrax 2.6

Fedora 4.7

McGill University, Montreal,

University repository

Institutional repository containing scholarly publications/materials of the McGill community. Greatest collection is theses and dissertations. Contains also faculty research publications as well as exemplary undergraduate and graduate work.

Author ordering implemented from Oregon State's Scholar Archive Repository

Customized the abstracts to have a language tag at the end of the abstract

Import scripts from Digitool (Ex Libris)

Updated edit/deposit form with combined files and metadata tab

Hyrax 2.5.1

Blacklight 6.18

Fedora - 7.4

Solr – 7

PostgreSQL 9.2.24

MAE, Theater Institute of Barcelona





London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE Digital Library





Linn-Benton Community College


CommunityArchive@LBCC is a tool for showcasing and preserving important content created at Linn-Benton Community College. Our collection focuses on teaching and learning materials (particularly Open Educational Resources) and institutional history.




Lafayette College

Lafayette Digital Repository (LDR)

Institutional repository and digital collections

Permalink minting with Handle server
Controlled vocabularies (geonames, FAST)

Hyrax 2.9

Fedora 4.7.3

King's Fund
(hosted by CoSector, University of London)

King's Fund Digital Archive

Digitized publications from the King's Fund from 1898 onwards.

Uses Hyku, plus:
Work types: Published Work, Conference Item (via dog_biscuits)
Front-page carousel
IIIF search
Data imported from EPrints (via importer in leaf_addons gem)

Hyku 1.1
Hyrax 2

Fedora 4.7.4

Johns Hopkins University

Lester S Levy Sheet Music Collection





Indiana University
Jim Halliday (


Repository for biological research collections. The bulk of the current content is over 150,000 pressed plant specimen images from the Indiana University Herbarium.

Custom ingest routines and integration with digitizing workflow.
Use of persistent URL's to integrate digital content with external systems.

Sufia 7

Fedora 4.7.0

Indiana University
@Jon Cameron

Media Collections Online

Central service for AV media collection at Indiana University. Contains media from a large variety of departments and schools at IU, the IU Libraries, and external partners.

Locally hosted
Canvas Integration


Fedora 4.7.5

Indiana University
Jim Halliday (

Pages Online

Page turning application for uploading, describing, structuring, and providing access to digitized multi-page items from the IU Libraries collections. Based on Princeton University's Plum

IIIF integration with Universal Viewer
HOCR derived using Tesseract with "Search Within" available in the Universal Viewer (select items)
Structural editor to provide hierarchy and labeling within an item

Curation Concerns (moving to Hyrax currently)

Fedora 4.7.0



Hosted repository service




George Washington University Libraries

Service: GW ScholarSpace

Institutional repository for research and scholarly output, including ETDs.

ETD work type (child of Work)

Hyrax 2.9.6
Bulkrax 2.2.0

Fedora 4.7.1

George Washington University Libraries
Github repo: Private. Read access available upon request.

Curated scholarly repository for documents and analysis reports associated with The ISIS Files project, a partnership between the George Washington University Libraries, the GW Program on Extremism, and the New York Times

Drop-down menus on the menu bar.
Clicking on a document thumbnail opens document in browser by default (when browser is configured to allow it - otherwise the browser will download the document)

Hyrax 3.1.0
Bulkrax 2.2.0

Fedora 4.7.1

Emory University

Emory Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)
GitHub: Laevigata

Mediated self-deposit repository for theses and dissertations, used by multiple Emory University Schools and departments

Mediated deposit workflows including single and multiple approvals
Primary/supplemental file delineation
File-level descriptive metadata
Box integration
Shibboleth integration
Save self-deposit submission as draft
Customized embargo durations
Customized embargo levels (full work, files, abstract, table of contents)
Submit works to Proquest


Fedora 4.x

Emory University

Curate (GitHub)

Library/specialist staff curation-focused product for bulk-ingest, digital asset/collections management and preservation, utilized by multiple campus Libraries

Generic/abstract work type supporting Emory AIP convention (content/format agnostic)
Support for Emory metadata application profile (Descriptive, Rights, Administrative, Preservation Events, Preservation Workflows, Technical/Characterization)
Customized FileSets for AIP components and derivatives
Automated preservation events and audits metadata
Preservation workflow metadata
Restricted deletion
Descriptive metadata systems of record integration/harvest
Customized access controls (low-resolution, restrict to campus network, Reading Room/IP ranges, etc.)

Hyrax 3.rc1, Zizia

Fedora 4.7.x object store + files on disk (Amazon S3)

Emory University

Emory Digital Collections

Front-end consumer product providing discovery, interaction, and delivery of assets in Emory's preservation repository

Abstract/generic work display using Universal Viewer
Emory pattern library integration
Support for customized access controls in IIIF
Navigation for hierarchical/nested objects

Blacklight 7, Cantaloupe


École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences,


Institutional research data repository. Self-deposit data repository for researchers in humanities and social sciences.

Internal prosopographic referential with Idref integration for authority records
Autocomplete for several referentials : Rameau, Glottolog, Geoethno, Thesaurus of online medieval images (TIMEL)...
Optional metadata areas by discipline
Full internationalization of free text fields (RDF Langtag support)
On the fly OCR with tesseract / full text search
Chained authentication protocols with LemonLDAP::NG


Fedora 4.7.5
High-capacity replicated storage with Active Circle

Duke University
@Moira Downey

Duke Digital Repository
Source code on GitLab:

Digital repository for digitized and born-digital special collections; library purchased and licensed collections (including some ebooks); select University Archives materials

IIP Image Server + IIIF Image API, custom OpenSeadragon viewer
A/V customizations around streaming, external embedding, Closed Captions, interactive transcripts and clickable timecodes
Custom URLs, per-collection Blacklight & portal configurations
Batch import and metadata updating
Role-based permissions
Integrated ARK minting
PTIF derivative generation
Structural metadata generation & file tree browser for nested folders/files
...and more!



Duke University
@Moira Downey

Duke Digital Repository – Research Data



Source code on GitLab

Institutional repository for research data

Integration with for file submission
Integration with Globus for large data transfer (both upload and download)
Batch metadata imports via CSV
Versioning for works (datasets)
Vertical breadcrumbs for nested works
Browsing “top-level” works only
Data submission form conditionally presenting a series of triage questions
ARK and DOI minting with EZID and Crossref services
Bulk export of files


Fedora 4.7.5

Digital Repository of Ireland @Stuart Kenny

Digital Repository of Ireland
Source code on GitHub

The Digital Repository of Ireland is a national digital repository for Ireland’s humanities, social sciences, and cultural heritage data.

Support for multiple metadata standards: DC, MODS, MARC, EAD
Batch import
DOI minting with Datacite
IIIF manifest generation and OpenSeadragon
RDF output

hydra-head 10.6
active-fedora 12

Fedora 4.7.5
Ceph Rados Gateway

Digital Commonwealth (Massachusetts Collections Online)






Southeast Asia Visions

A collection of more than 350 European travel accounts of pre-modern Southeast Asia




@Glen Horton

Source code on GitHub

Self-submission institutional repository

Shibboleth sign-on

Hyrax 2.x

Fedora 4.7.3

Berlin State Library, Germany

Closed collection of historic documents





Australian Department of the Environment

Closed resource





Atla (American Theological Library Association)
Karpinski, Christy <>

Atla Digital Library:

The Atla Digital Library is provides Atla members and other organizations with access to aggregated theological library collections from across the US.

Various customizations and heavy use of Bulkrax for import.


Fedora 4.7.4

The Ohio State University Libraries

Digital Collections (DC)

University Libraries' digitized and born-digital special collections and archival materials.

Highly customized to suit OSUL’s needs. Internally created batch ingest, batch update, and data download functions.

Hyrax 2.4.1

Fedora 4.7.5