Notes: Wrap-up / Retro for Developer Congress July 12-16, 2021

Group updates

Valkyrie - Lynette

  • 2 PRs in progress
  • one that adds and removes members from collections still being reviewed

Data Seeds - Michael, Nianli

  • trying this out with Valkyrie methods; documentation for Valkyrie not really available, other documentation assumes AF
  • many things not working the way we want
  • ENV to decide if seed script should run
  • seeds directory in place
  • clears db, adds users, adds collections and works
  • prototype for adding Files but not sure if it works with Valkyrie methods
  • PR not quite ready but almost

Gemfile/Docker build - Daniel

  • PR 4997 - updated with lots of changes - ready for review
  • should build even if you have old cached layers
  • only issue has been Gemfile.lock file in place
  • need feedback on how this works

File Visibility/Metadata.yaml - Chris

  • file visibility - 2 PRs, one merged, one might be ready for review?
  • metadata.yaml - almost there but still one test failing

Valkyrie admin set indexing - Daniel

  • PR 5035, tamsin and Matt Critchlow are working on this now

Retro (Plus / Delta)

  • Liked having the whole week
  • Doing data seeds with Valkyrie is great since we don't have to redo that later
  • Good that this is hands on work
  • Great to get Hyrax running locally
  1. Want more people working on Valkyrie
  2. Need more examples of working in Valkyrie/intro to working in Valkyrie
  3. More communication within group work
  4. Would like this type of Dev Congress for newcomers to be in person
  5. If via Zoom, use Breakout Rooms
  6. Not sure how Dev Congress for newcomers was set up or would go, could use more information (link in next Dev Congress wiki page)
  7. Once a day topic (like Q&A Sessions), ~30 minutes