Hydra feeder systems

At Hull, there are a number of mechanisms by which material can arrive in the repository, amongst which:

  • from the University VLE/LMS (essentially a badged Sakai)
  • from local installation(s) of SharePoint 2007
  • from the University Research Information System

The first two of these (Sakai and SharePoint) were the subject of a JISC-funded project 'CLIF' which allowed us to build two-way connectors for Sakai <-> Fedora and SharePoint <-> Fedora.  This is written up in detail and the project's Final Report and its technical appendices can be found in the university digital repository.  (Ah, but which one?  The old one, the staging server or the new production server?  One or more of the links should work!)

The University CRIS contains bespoke code to export fully-formed, hydra-compliant FOXML objects to the repository Fedora.

These external feeds meant that we have had to modify Solrizer to that it sees material coming into the repository from places other than the IR Hydra head.  Our version listens to the Fedora JMS service and reacts to any API-M actions.  The code has been passed back to the Hydra community.