Notes: Check-in for Developer Congress July 12-16, 2021

We'll record group updates here in case there's anyone who misses the call

Group updates

  • July 13
    • tamsin - want to get docker-compose merged and back in shape; help with Valkyrie work that Jeremy is doing
    • Jeremy - working with tamsin on Valkyrie issue
    • Chris - looked at docker build yesterday; talked with Julie about file visibility work that was done for Ubiquity and work on bug fixes and get iCLA to merge changes back to Hyrax (2 PRs in progress so far)
    • Lynette - activeFedora where replacement using Solr query service; update to add get objects on solr query service; returns AF objects or Valkyrie resources (based on useValkyrie flag); #3820 updated with what still needs to be addressed and pattern to follow
    • Michael - Hyrax .dassie running locally; data seeds discussion; not exactly sure where things needs to sit but need to break up work
    • Rebekah - Hyrax .dassie running locally; data seeds discussion, avialable for testing
    • Nianli - Hyrax .dassie running; join data seeds discussion this afternoon
    • Lynette will have a PR to review later on today and then it might be good tomorrow for work for others to take up
    • Chris and tamsin meeting up to catch up docker build
    • Daniel working more on docker build as well
  • July 14
    • Daniel - working through gemfile issues for docker build; meeting up with tamsin to discuss
    • Lynette - PRs ready for review soon and some things might be ready for others to take and also work on (maybe 10 or so places that also need this work)
    • data seeds work (Michael, Rebekah, Nianli, Julie) - working on templates/db/seeds.rb to add Files, make work titles unique, and rework embargo and lease work creation - maybe also incorporate as part of build
    • Chris - more work on fileset visibility PRs, they are in better state; other contributor has CLA on file now; bugs still to fix for on PR; one PR is ready for review; will post PR for review in channel; working on metadata.yaml as well and running low on cycles after that
  • July 15
    • tamsin - documentation work, mostly dev-facing docs in yard; want ruby-docs to be inline and web accessible; also Valkyrie work around workflows; would like to see this fully in no AF environment in the next couple days
    • Lynette - also Valkyrie work; closed up everything from before except 5025; 4920 is about collection behavior, adding and removing members, extracting that into a service - collection member service, currently that is search builder service but inherits from search builder so might be kind of mixed use, could go in another class and might need to review when PR is ready; if a member already exists and you add it again, what is expected behavior for that activity? meeting up with Tamsin to review; 3 issues ready in Valkyrie project board (20) marked effort minor
    • Daniel - looking at docker-compose; dassie-gems-redux is helping with rspec but bundler 2.2 changed a lot of things around dependency resolver; looking at how we're using alpine for docker image; pinning bundler at 2.1 should get most people unblocked; need a fix for the future to get beyond bundler 2.1; mergeable solution? think that pinning bundler to 2.1 is it but tamsin is not sure that sounds right
    • data seeds - Lynette's script is not Valkyrized; recommend to break these out into multiple seeds scripts (collections, works, users, etc) in a seeds directory for long-term maintenance (Lynette has example of this setup)
    • Rebekah - troubleshooting trying to build from Michael's branch; going to switch to Github Desktop
    • Nianli - adding file to fileset research
    • Crystal - setting up Hyrax locally