Samvera Community Email Lists


Primary Lists

Samvera-Community (5-10 messages a week on average)!forum/samvera-community/join  This is the primary email list for Community updates.

Samvera-Tech (15-20 messages per week on average)!forum/samvera-tech/join   Subscribe to this list to ask questions and follow current technical discussions about Samvera and all of its components.

Other Open Lists

Samvera-Announces (2-5 messages a month)

Subscribe to this list at!forum/samvera-announces/join  if you want the minimum mailings - only the most important security, major release, and event announcements.

  • All messages to Samvera-Announces are sent also to the Samvera-Community and Samvera-Tech lists - if you’re subscribed to either of these lists, you don’t need to subscribe to Samvera-Announces

Samvera-Releases (1-2 messages a month)

Subscribe to this list at   if you want notification of every new point (bugfix) release of Samvera and related software.  Most people will not need this density of release information.  Major releases are notified to the Samvera-Announces list.Samvera-Metadata

   Get help with or discuss metadata issues in Samvera.


  Not a Samvera list as such but possibly of interest to those whose focus is on the Blacklight layer.  The primary mailing list for anyone using or improving Blacklight.

Samvera-Hyku (2-5 messages a month)

   A list for Hyku updates, questions, and discussions.

Closed Lists


This is a closed list available to Samvera Slack administrators. Send email to if you're having trouble with Slack.


This is a closed list available only to formal Samvera Partners and is typically used only for community governance discussions. If you are part of a Partner organization email to join the list.


This is a closed list available to Board members and is typically used for community maintenance and licensing activities.