About Samvera Partners

Samvera Partners are institutions, corporations or other groups that have formally committed to contributing to the Samvera Community. Samvera Partners collectively advance the project and the Community for the benefit of all participants.

The Samvera Partners contribute to groups that coordinate activity from multiple institutions and development efforts. These include the Board of Directors, the Roadmaps Alignment Group, the Core Components Maintenance Group and Samvera’s Interest and Working Groups, as well as teams working on specific projects and solutions such as the Avalon Media System, Hyrax, and Hyku.

Partnership is earned by actively contributing to the Community. Partners:

  • Contribute. In any one or more of: code, analysis, design, documentation, presentations and other forms of communication, marketing, support, funding, participation in working/interest groups, or other resources.

  • Stay Informed. Additionally, be among the first to be notified of any known security issues and fixes, ahead of the information being made public.

  • Meet. Participate in Samvera Partner meetings and other conversations that shape our future.

  • Vote. As a Partner, it is a duty and privilege to vote on elected positions and on other matters of importance.

  • Lead. Help lead the way by participating in the governance of Samvera. Partners may provide input on the Community and technical direction up to the highest levels, and represent Samvera to the broader community. Partners have the right to nominate persons for election to the Samvera Board of Directors.

How to become a Samvera Partner

The steps to become a Samvera Partner are:

  1. Participation: Participate in the Samvera Community in one or more of the many ways described above.

  2. Nomination: Be nominated by an existing Partner.

  3. Invitation: Get invited to be a Partner by the Board of Directors.

  4. Application: Each Partner is asked to write a brief letter of intent indicating why they want to become a Samvera Partner and what they intend to contribute to the Community.

  5. Approval: Be voted in by the Board of Directors, and

  6. Announcement: Be welcomed formally to the Community as a Partner.

Partners are also required to have on file a corporate Contributor License Agreement (see Samvera Community Intellectual Property Licensing and Ownership page) to ensure that the Community can accept code and other intellectual contributions from the Partner institution.

How to stop being a Samvera Partner

A Partner may leave by providing written notice to the Samvera Board of Directors that they wish to withdraw from the Partner agreement.