Metadata Subject Matter Experts (Metadata SMEs)

At the Product Owners meeting on 2/10 we decided to convene a standing group of Metadata Subject Experts, with initial tasks to look at ETD metadata and the work of the Hydra RDF Working Group.


What: Metadata Subject Matter Experts, standing group in Hydramata project
Who: 1-2 Metadata SMEs from each of the 5 institutions participating in Hydramata; 1 Lead Metadata SME designated by Product Owners

When: Group should be formed by March 3, 2014 and have their first report to Product Owners (cc to Shared-IR e-list) by March 17, 2014

First tasks:

a) Review metadata profile documented at   Analyze this profile against institutional needs, identifying common and any unique metadata needs.   Recommend revisions and point out any areas where this version – or the proposed revised version -- has not been realized in the current release of Hydramata.

b) Review work of Hydra RDF working group and contrast with the current RDF implementation in Hydramata.  Recommend any changes that can be implemented soon. On an ongoing basis, engage in continuous monitoring of the work of the RDF group, with periodic reports on how the progress of this work impacts the Hydramata project, and may provide support for Linked Open Data for both discovery and aids to metadata quality.

Future tasks will include looking at content types other than ETDs.

Additional Charge (4/21/2014) (entered by Linda Newman on behalf of the Product Owners):

Look at metadata for data sets.  Analyze metadata for data sets based on institutional needs, identifying common and any unique metadata needs.  Recommend revisions to metadata support for data sets in Hydramata.  Have a report to the Product Owners (cc to Shared-IR e-list) by May 30th, 2014.


Each of the Hydramata institutions will put forward 1-2 names (email to Linda Newman) for this group. 


Carolyn Hansen (Lead Metadata SME)

James Van Mil


Julie Hardesty


Michael S Babinec 
Jennifer B Young
Deborah Rose-Lefmann

Notre Dame:

Alex Papson


Ellen Ramsey


2014-02-28 Metadata SME working group call

2014-04-07 Metadata SMEs working group meeting call

2014-05-13 Metadata SMEs working group call 



Metadata SMEs Report: 3/17/14

Metadata SMEs Report: 5/30/14