Hydra Connect 2016: Orientation sessions

See  Hydra Connect 2016: Workshops for further sessions on Monday 3rd Ocober

The sessions below are all aimed at people new to various aspects of Hydra.  They will aim to provide very basic introductions to each topic, assuming little or no prior knowledge.  All are at the BPL in the Commonwealth Salon.

Monday 3rd October  9.00am - 10.30am

Doing things the Hydra way  -   Hydra - the 35000 foot view.pptx

Presenter:  Richard Green

Length: 20 minutes  

Audience:  People new to the Hydra community (Managers, Developers, all!)

This session will be a brief introduction to the Hydra community, and a 35,000ft view of Hydra technically. It is an opportunity for people new to Hydra to get some context around what we are about and, hence, the rest of the conference!

Demonstrations of some contrasting Hydra heads 

 Presenters:  Debs Cane, Steve van Tuyl, Alicia Morris (Tufts "Trove" - HydraConnectBoston_2016_Trove_Demo.pptx)

Length: 70 minutes  

Audience:  People new to the Hydra community (Managers, Developers, all!)

Hydra's framework can be used to construct and deploy many forms of Hydra "head".  This presentation will explain what a "head" is and demonstrate a number of contrasting examples to demonstrate the versatility of the framework.

Monday 3rd October  11.00am - 12.30pm

Basic introduction to linked data features and support in Hydra

Presenter:  Mark Bussey

Length: 45 minutes  

Audience:  People who want to know the basics of linked data, RDF, PCDM, LDP etc!

Not entirely sure about linked data? Not sure what the initials and acronyms stand for? Then this session is for you. It will be a very basic introduction to all these things, aimed at a non-technical audience, and an explanation of why they're important to Hydra.  We'll provide some basic context for how Resource Description Framework (RDF), the Portland Common Data Model (PCDM), and Linked Data Protocol (LDP) fit and work together in Hydra.

Hydra at your institution and getting involved with the Hydra community

Facilitators:  Mark Bussey, Robin Ruggaber, Karen Cariani, Mike Korcynski, Anders Conrad

Length: 45 minutes  

Audience:  People new-ish to Hydra with lots of non-technical questions to ask!

This session will be a chance for you to ask all those non-technical questions that, as someone newish to Hydra, are running through your head. What would it mean to adopt Hydra at my institution, how many people will it take, what's the real cost of adoption. How do I get involved with the Hydra Community? What will they expect of me? What should I expect of them? No serious question will be deemed too silly, or too basic, to ask! Depending on what comes up, this may be followed up by one or more unconference sessions on Thursday.