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Note Taker: Adam J. Arling

Program details on wiki here


  1. Changes to the agenda?

  2. Local Host Updates
    • Registration - at 99 early-bird registrations; no regular registrations yet; 13 local (including 1 Ubiquity, 1 EBSCO, and the scholarship recipient).
    • T-shirt - to order beginning of Oct.
    • Sponsorship - check w/ Ubiquity and Notch8 on sponsorship check. To ask EBSCO and Ubiquity for materials for bag, which will be ordered early Oct.
      (Will wait a bit on nudging Ubiquity)

    • Rooms - changed the Quiet Room for Thursday in the DUC. Adding a larger Quiet Room in Olin for other days (except Tues).  *Might* be able to do Developers Congress in Olin Library. When would you want to know for sure? 
      (Finalize Dev Congress room week before? - Classroom / conference style room?  Not a computer lab would be preferred.  Can start out in a room, and if so desired, break out into smaller groups and/or rooms.   Extra power strips will be supplied.  In general rooms will be determined as final registration numbers come in. )

    • Other items? –We have asked to record the plenary morning, do we want to record the WG/IG updates and the lightning talks in the afternoon?
      No afternoon recordings (having consulted the viewer count for the 2018 versions

    • Speaker permission(s) form – for Heidi Kolk (also keynote agreement?) Need forms for Samvera speakers? Will Heidi Kolk's slides be shared or just her talk?
      • Harriett Green will give WashU welcome on Wednesday(Do releases need to be signed?   Last year presenters were presented with a paper waiver form at registration (Tuesday).  Last year it helped to have 3-4 people handling registration.  The majority of presenters should be expecting this.   Keep camera focused on presenter, not audience.  Make a posting that the recording will be archived.  Should there be a stock Samvera waiver form?  Mollie will post the form they're planning on using for review.)
  3. Closing plenary session
    1. What will this consist of?  Needs to be a worthwhile, tidy wrap-up - maybe summarizing the conference and teasing out trends, answering unanswered questions etc.  Need to refine this idea.
      1. ideas
        1. retrospective, sharing and processing an event (liked, learned, lacked, longed for) - Jessica Hilt can facilitate . Anna Headley, Emily Stenberg, Mollie Webb, Irene Taylor, & Deb Katz volunteering for this.
          (Each person will receive a card(s) to drive the group discussion.  Some kind of pre-prep to help speed the organizing / sorting of cards process?   Cards are sorted, then handed off to Jessica.  Request Jessica attend the next planning meeting to discuss further.  )  

        2. Samvera Connect 2020 - Chrissy will present.
      2. Discussion

  4. Unconference Scheduling Discussion 
    1. Starting Thursday afternoon?
      (Offering a one hour block Thursday would be helpful.  Working / Interest groups here?  How about 1-2 slots Thursday afternoon for Working / Interest Groups?  4pm slot start (after sessions).  If people need a Working / Interest group slot, it goes in Sessionizer.  )
    2. Extend time Friday AM, push back closing plenary?. Olin 142 (Plenary room) is reserved until 2 pm on Friday.
      (Friday session proposed start at 9am - room will open at 8am.  Assuming people will start filtering out after 12 noon on Friday to catch flights.  Unconference - keep all blocks same amount of time.  3 unconference sessions were scheduled last year.  Slot times are ~ 50 minutes, or have been in the past.  )

      How are unconference topics proposed?  Via people know in advance.
      All unconference requests should be submitted by end of lunch (1:45pm) on Thursday. 

  5. WG/IG Wednesday session
    1. Status check -  3 proposals  
  6. Workshop registrations
    1. Status check - 43 to date

  7. Lightning talks
    1. Status check - 4 proposals
  8. Poster Session
    1. Status check - 2 so far

  9. Sessionizer
    1. Status check: Aaron is organizing.

  10. Mentor program
    1. Status check 4 mentors

  11. Open discussion

  12. Future Meetings: 
    1. October, 2  (absent Richard and Karen)
    2. October, 16 (absent Karen)