Notes: Wrap-up / Retro for Developer Congress November 2020

Group updates

React IIIF Media Player
  • Went well.  Moving through issues from github repo and project board of prioritized issues. 
  • Have a packaged rudimentary version.
  • Builds and includes navigation feature
  • Planning to continue work on this the rest of this week and in to next week.
  • Expect to have something tomorrow that matches the previous version plus will be customizable.
  • A number of tickets were closed including performance improvements, fixing bug where single value items were being changed to multi-value.
  • Some feature tests were added.  Some of these revealed other issues that were also fixed as we went.
  • Outstanding issue is #4559 where permissions are not moved to and back from the reform ResourceForm.  This is a blocker for other work including the ability to view a saved work through Hyrax. Once this is fixed, several other issues should follow.
What the Front Door? Providing guidance to try out Hyrax
  • Accomplished what they set out to do.  See Topics List
  • Tidied up README for Hyrax and is much more digestable with a shorter topic with links out to details.
  • Beefed up the documentation on using Docker to encourage movement in toward using that.
  • The how to stand it up have several ways that folks like to use.
  • Feel like this gives us a step forward.
  • More changes to come.  Need to go through steps to test accuracy.
  • Samvera knowledge base could use some clean up as well especially in its connections back to the Hyrax wiki.
  • Any of the work to be done in issues?  No, in goodle doc.
Rails 6.0 / Blacklight 7.0 Support
  • Browse Everything had a couple of releases today.  Removed sprokets dependency
  • Hydra Derivatives released with changes to how RDF Vocab dependencies
  • Hydra Head added in support for Blacklight 7 in Hydra Head
  • Hydra Works is ready for release pending PO approval. Question about how much we should wait for PO vs. consensus about how many people are needed to go ahead and release.
  • Hydra Editor needs more work
  • Outstanding list in google doc.  Need to make comment in maintenance ticket.
  • Need to send out notification about all the releases.

Retro (Plus / Delta)

  • Very pleasant first congress
  • Nice to meet people from other universities
  • Great project ideas
  • So many first time attendees!
  • Pairing +++
  • People clearing their schedules +
  • CircleCI speeds much better than last year +
  • Topics in place ahead of time made group forming go smoothly. +++
  • Got a lot accomplished.
  • Remote structure makes it available to more people
  • 3 days good for 1 topic +
  • Would like to do it again in February (I think he said March or April)
  • All the planning was awesome +
  • Many MCs was great
  • Scheduling report-outs ahead of time was helpful (in the past this has been looser and hard to connect in-person and remote participants)
  • We made it happen despite circumstances!
  • Technology worked smoothly
  • Very helpful to have some expertise.
  • Good having a code person + not-code person collaborating to get both perspectives.  Would not have been as productive without this.
  • Beautiful board set up in advance for Hyrax-Valkyrization.  It was awesome for someone who was new.  Project boards in general for each topic.  ++
  • Communication in slack worked well for getting PRs reviewed +
  • Nice to see people trying new development tools, new approaches, working outside their usual comfort area +
  • Liked separate zooms.
  • Improved developer experience in hyrax
  • Liked check-in meetings and having them in calendar
  • Would have been able to work with more than one group +
  • Wish it were longer ++
  • Should have mentioned how to do co-author commits as part of intro / welcome
  • How to have POs available / "on call" with agreement that the work can move forward
  • Could have had a poll for topics (form groups asynchronously)
  • Sad we couldn't do everything (specifically M3 work)
  • Longer event? If we want to be able to move between topics.
  • Is circle ci the burstiest it can get? If not we may want to look into bumping up a bit. (answer: it's as bursty as it can get)
  • circleci had issues today generally, may not have been our plan
  • Ruby gems and granting new privileges was a challenge
  • Would be nice to have social time as we would have in-person
  • Longer could have been better.  More frequent might help with this.
  • Do it more frequently
  • Miss being in person, quick check-ins that are possible when you're next to someone +
  • Competing project deadlines for local work.
  • More time to actively work on two topics would be nice.  Maybe make it quarterly and identify key functionality that many institutions want to get momentum. +
  • Wish there was more devops stuff to work on.
  • Try adding another congress to virtual connect
  • Topic generation and distribution was a little rough, but worked basically ok
  • Next time give calendar events a shorter reminder; maybe 15 min


  • How did it work having time between the conference and the dev congress in the context of the conference being virtual?
    • Lots of thumbs up
    • Suggested that even when we are back in-person, we might want to have an in-person dev congress and a remote.
  • How did timezones work for folks? Good!
  • Releasing hydra-works: How should we deal with product owner situation?