Marketing WG agenda, 20-09-08


  • Chris Awre (facilitator)
  • Karen Cariani
  • Richard Green
  • Nabeela Jaffer
  • Alicia Morris
  • Charlotte Nunes


  1. Notes from the previous call
  2. Samvera Connect AUL workshop
    This has been given the go-ahead.  CA will start coordinating the workshop content.  NJ and AM will help deliver it, KC will help with content.
  3. Samvera Connect and Marketing WG
    The Connect Program Committee have not yet finally decided how to deal with WG and IG presentations.  If there are lightning talks available we will take one, otherwise we might make available a slide pack for interested people to download.
  4. Samvera vision web links
    The vision statement on the website now contains working links.  ALL please test and comment on their usefulness via Slack.  Note that the link to the 2019 Annual Report initiates a download which is confusing if the user doesn't spot what the browser is doing.
  5. Online conferences
    Are there some we might want to contribute to in some way?
    Virtual DLF  November 9-13
    iPres  September 22nd
    AMIA  November 11-13/14
    Northeast Institutional Repositories Day  December 3rd
    We should connect with vendors to see what, if anything, they are planning.  Could contribute a slide or two to slip into presentations that Samverans might be giving.
    There will soon be a conference of the Oral History Association - should we be doing some outreach (for Avalon?) there?
  6. Profiles and case studies
  7. Samvera Community Manager
    A recommendation for appointment has been sent to and accepted by the Steering Group.  The selection committee is currently following up on that.