Wednesday January 8th, 2020 - Agenda


Chris Awre

Karen Cariani

Richard Green

Alicia Morris

Charlotte Nunes (apologies)

Nabeela Jaffer

From Chris:

Two follow-up actions from last call:

  • I have set up a Google sheet to capture feedback on the website review.  Amendments to the layout welcome in terms of information it would be useful to capture.  See
  • We discussed the value of having a logo for use on repository front pages indicating the technology used to build the solution, following on from the ‘Powered by Hydra’ logo that was used at one point.  See below some possible versions of words we could use for a new version, all of which would include the Samvera logo.  Feedback welcome, on these or other ideas that come to mind.
  1. Powered by Samvera
  2. Samvera powered
  3. Grown by Samvera
  4. Samvera grown
  5. A Samvera repository
  6. A Samvera Community repository
  7. Created using Samvera
  8. Inspired by Samvera

I would also like to suggest the following as alternatives for the frontpage rotating display – further suggestions welcome:


Website review started - see action items etc captured on spreadsheet

Next call:  Wednesday 22nd January