Time: 12:00PM PDT/03:00PM EDT - 01:00PM PDT/04:00PM EDT

Zoom: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/7739591625





  • Certain institutions have attempted to port to developed implementations of Hyrax using GeoWorks
  • Proposal to contact individual members within institutions in order to raise awareness and direct the focus of this Interest Group


  • Need to return to evaluating who is using GeoWorks within the community, see about providing support and assistance for those who need support for this in Hyrax

LiDAR Use Cases

  • There are many interested in supporting LiDAR, but defining this as a format remains difficult
  • NYU has an interest in this, offers data sets on their implementation of GeoBlacklight (https://geo.nyu.edu/catalog/nyu-2451-38625)

Community Effort

  • If there are institutions which have vested interests in the outcome, perhaps we could develop a solution bundle (such as Avalon) which could be actively developed and maintained to be used as a stand-alone solution

Action Items

  • James will contact UCSB, Data Curation Experts, Notch8, and other consulting firms regarding any interest in managing geospatial resources in Samvera communities
  • U. Minnesota, University of Colorado, and NYU should be contacted with regards to their potential interest in Samvera geospatial development
    • James can address this
  • Members are currently listed on the IG page
    • James will contact each of them, and offer a Doodle Poll should they be interested in remaining actively involved
  • U. London has been actively developing the ability to generate metadata application profiles for Hyrax Works
    • James will discuss this with John Huck of the U. Alberta Libraries and then proceed with contacting Julie Allinson of the U. London

Meeting adjourned at 12:31 PDT/15:31 EDT