17 Feb 2015 

GeoSpatial IG First Phone Call


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025


Facilitator: Bess Sadler (Stanford Univ)

Notetaker: Jack Reed (Stanford Univ)


Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks  
    2. Attending
      1. bess (Stanford)
      2. Eliot Jordan (Princeton)
      3. andrew.battista (NYU)
      4. Corey Harper (NYU)
      5. Keith Jenkins (Cornell)
      6. Huda Khan (Cornell)
      7. Erica Johns (Cornell)
      8. Darcy Branchini (Cornell)
      9. Jack Reed (Stanford)
      10. Darren Hardy (Stanford)
      11. James Griffin (Lafayette College)
      12. Matthew Sisk (Notre Dame)
      13. Jennifer Moore (Washing Univ. St. Louis)
      14. Kevin Dyke (U of Minnesota)
      15. Ryan Mattke (U of Minnesota)
      16. Len Kne (U of Minnesota)
      17. John Huck (Univ. of Alberta)
      18. Larry Laliberte (Univ. of Alberta)
      19. Stace Maples (Stanford)
      20. Lynne Grigsby (UC Berkeley)
      21. tbrittnacher (UC Santa Barbara)
      22. Susan Powell (UC Berkeley)
      23. Tsering Wangyal Shawa (Princeton)
      24. Don Brower(Notre Dame)
    3. Call for Agenda Items
  2. Ratify our charter ( Samvera Geospatial Interest Group)
    1. Root interest: How to manage data throughout lifecycle? Includes discovery, but also includes production, description, etc.
      1. Folks new to Project Hydra introduce themselves and their interest in interest group.
      2. Quick round robin those who are interested, or in next 2 years who have a repo with geospatial data
        1. Stanford
        2. UC Berkeley
        3. Notre Dame
        4. Princeton
        5. Univ. of Alberta
        6. Wash Uni
        7. NYU
        8. Cornell
        9. UCSB
      3. Anything missing or out of scope for group objectives?
        1. Discussion of geospatial data types and access services. Should some categories be grouped together?
        2. Islandora implementations have been used with PostGIS.. is PostGIS within RoR outside the scope? Adding to SDI bullet point
        3. Managing geojson in MongoDB seems to be outside the scope of Hydra stack at this point
    2. How does this relate to OpenGeoPortal?
      1. This group is focused specifically on data lifecycle specifically in Hydra technology stack
    3. This group is closely scoped to implementations in Hydra
      1. Shared practices and shared load between institutions
    4. Shall we convene a Hydra Geospatial Interest group whos scope and objectives are listed at  Samvera Geospatial Interest Group ?
      1. Seconded by Stace
      2. Vote:
        1. Ayes: a lot
        2. Nays: none
  3. Select a chair
    1. Nominations:
      1. Darren Hardy - seconded
    2. Voting
      1. Darren confirmed
  4. Schedule regular phone calls
    1. Doodle poll for scheduling regular calls: http://doodle.com/i9zg74yf8444vsxz
    2. Once a month for regular calls
  5. Do we need to charter a working group to tackle a concrete task?
    1. How are we going to migrate to Fedora 4? What does a GIS object look like in Fedora?
  6. Communication channels
    1. Recommended to use existing communication channels, unless and until we are generating so much traffic.
      1. Technical discussion - Hydra tech
      2. Gen discussion - Hydra community
      3. Hydra partnership - Hydra partnership
      4. Getting Started in the Samvera Community - Hydra email lists
    2. Add your name to members page if you are interested
  7. Next call
    1. Date:
      1. Facilitator: Darren Hardy
      2. Notetaker: Eliot Jordan