Thursday 28th May, 2015


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025#



  • Richard Green (University of Hull)
  • Julie Allinson  (University of York)
  • Richard Higgins (University of Durham)
  • George Kozak (Cornell University)
  • Eben English (Boston Public Library)
  • Sean Aery (Duke University) NOTES


  1.  Roll call
    1. Welcome new folks - introductions
    2. Facilitator and note taker for this call? 
    3. Call for agenda items
  2. Review of progress to date
    1. Past minutes
    2. Open "to-do's"
  3. Richard Higgins overview of Durham work

  4. Reviewing gathered info on solutions, mappings and osullivan

  5. So we have all this information.  What are we going to do with it

    1. Specific actions needed to keep up the momentum?

    2. How does the research help us get to a shim?

    3. Can we propose a technical solution yet?  If not, why not? What else do we need to do?

  6. Date of next calls
    1. CANCELLED Thursday 11th June clashes with Open Repositories 2015
    2. Thursday 25th June 2015



  • Eben: Contact Jon Stroop re: joining for a PTIG call
  • Everyone: Review the mapping and modeling docs; come prepared with questions/comments for next meeting. Keep eye out for O'Sullivan post & PCDM pager updates.


Thursday 14th May, 2015:

Overview of Univ. of Durham Work on IIIF Manifests + Mirador (Richard Higgins)

  • Basic manifests relatively simple; annotations, contents, etc. complicate the process.
  • Height & width of each image, labels pre-generated & loaded externally as CSV, pulled into the manifest.
  • Mirador’s default ‘Add Item’ landing screen confusing; need the manifest path twice: in both manifestUri and windowObjects.loadedManifest
  • windowObjects.canvasID added to represent individual page
  • mview.html app uses JS to parse URL params to inject additional data into the Mirador manifest

What Are We Doing?
Richard G., Julie, George discussion:

  • Hope to arrive at specification for some kind of shim to sit on a Hydra installation to get you from however your data is structured and get you to an IIIF manifest; a reusable to_manifest() method.
  • Assumption is 2.5 years out, Hydra-in-a-Box (presumably using PCDM) will provide a page model and page turner UI solution. Problem is, many of us can’t wait 2.5 years.
  • Even with PCDM/HydraWorks, problems: 1) institutions at different starting points; various kinds of items, 2) have to model unique object creation against IIIF requirements.

O’Sullivan Gem
Eben, Richard G., Julie discussion:

  • Key question right now for the PTIG group is whether or not the O’Sullivan gem 1) is already the thing we’re talking about, or if not 2) is the closest thing to it
  • Can’t really proceed without: 1) getting our heads around O’Sullivan: what it does/what’s missing; 2) hands-on experimentation with O’Sullivan. Can we get it to do the things we need at our institutions... then extrapolate out to accommodate others’ models/objects?
  • Outreach to Jon Stroop needed: opportunity to connect at Open Repositories 2015. Several PTIG members will attend; invite Jon to PTIG conference call Jun 25 or whenever available. Eben to contact.

Note from Julie, email from Jeffrey C. Witt to the IIIF list:





Gathered Info on Solutions & Mappings

  • Worthwhile for PTIG to review closely what we’ve documented; come back with comments and questions for next call (June 25, 2015).

Next Call

  • June 25, 2015
  • Richard G. likely to miss (vacation)