September 13, 2013

Dial In

Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025


  • Rick Johnson, Notre Dame (Facilitator)

  • Michael Friscia, Yale (Notetaker)
  • Mark Bussey (DCE)
  • Bess (Stanford)
  • Jim Coble (Duke)
  • Steven (BPL)
  • Steve (Northwestern)
  • Adam (Rock Hall of Fame)
  • Karen (WGBH)
  • Richard Green (Hull)
  • Robin (UVA)
  • Jim Tuttle(Duke)
  • Mike Giarlo (Penn State)
  • Mark (Indiana)



  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks 
    2. I did my best to get the attendee list, I believe I missed two people and I'm still getting used to voices to match with names
  2. Call for Agenda Items
    1. Mark Bussey- mentioned request to include call in information on the agenda, looks like this is still being discussed on the partner list.
  3. Next Call
    1. Date: October 11th, 2013 
    2. Facilitator: Mark Bussey
    3. Notetaker: Mike Giarlo
  4. Grants (upcoming, status updates)
    1. Penn State Grant for Zotero
      1. next cycle for Mellon is in the December/winter timeframe
      2. continuing to work on the grant application in the mid-October  - November timeframe
      3. Expect to have an update regarding the work on the proposal in a month or two from now
    2. ORCID grant by Notre Dame:
      1. Submitted, should here back around October 1st. If funded includes money for 10 developers to meet probably in Chicago for 4 days to accelerate local customizations for IR/ORCID integration. 
      2. expect to hear back on decision as early as Oct 1
      3. planning a hackfest in May 2014
      4. developer congress to take place possibly 3-4 months into the development cycle
        1. grant funding to pay for some developer travel to this meeting
        2. location expected to be Chicago area - Notre Dame
      5. funding to partially cover development time on project
      6. design allows for plugin to accommodate localized content models, workflows and metadata schemas
      7. planning call to happen with further discussion of shared development. Please reference email to partners on 9/12 (
    3. Other?
      1. none noted
  5. Shared IR Progress
    1. development by Notre Dame, DCE and Northwestern
    2. completed first 4 weeks of sprints, taking break for Penn State meeting and then 4 more weeks of sprints to follow
    3. currently there is a good framework in place that could be adopted by anyone with a good base in place
    4. Mark Bussey suggested an informal meet up at Penn State to discuss future development
    5. Robin suggested it is time to showcase the work at Penn
      1. additional suggestion to hold a previously presented 30-45 minute presentation during the manager agenda portion of Monday's agenda
  6. Progress on Partner Meeting action items
    1.  no update
  7. Standing Community TODOs
    1. Next Partner meetings
      1. September at Penn State. Two parallel tracks:
        1. 5 days of code shredding  (9/16-20). Focus on gemification.
          1. Chris and Justin to lead dev track on Monday
          2. morning agenda - welcome/intro/review backlog
          3. afternoon - code workshop
          4. rest of week will be free form
          5. Tues - some developers will attend manager track to discuss Hydra/RDA future development
            1. later in the discussion it was mentioned that it would be ideal that this happen first thing Tuesday morning to prevent interrupting the management track agenda
          6. Mark gave a call to please go into google moderator (linked below) to vote, goal is to vote on items that can be completed in the 1 week code shred 
          7. Thursday afternoon or Friday morning there will be a developer showcase of the work completed during the week. 
            1. screen cast to be made available from Penn state so that those who left on Wed can view
            2. more info to be sent to the partner list on Monday
          8. There is a page up for the code shredding for candidates on what to work on there:  September 2013 Developer Meeting Agenda

          9. Prioritization list in google moderator:

        2. 2.5 days of Strategic Planning (9/16-18).
          1. Review Agenda:  September Strategic Planning Agenda
            1. Richard made a call to the partner list for agenda items to be added to the wiki
            2. The steering committee organized/prioritized the agenda items into the following order
              1. Monday - items are of utmost importance and must be completed
              2. Tuesday - items have some wiggle room
              3. Wednesday - while still important, these have the most flexibility in being pushed off
            3. Richard mentioned the straw man doc, emphasized that everyone should review prior if you plan to attend this track
            4. Tom added in that all managers should read up on all documents prior to attending
            5. Please edit the manager agenda page to self identify session leaders
              1. also sign up for sessions you plan to attend, i.e. edit the wiki (see #3 below)
              2. Plan is to run concurrent tracks at this meeting
              3. Important request from Richard - PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE STRUCTURE of the agenda page, a new section below the agenda will be created for this purpose
              1. lots of topics to cover, question about the time blocks and which items fit into them
                1. figuring out the time blocks will happen during the Monday morning session for planning the tracks
                2. Tom mentioned at this time that with 26 managers attending, it will be possible to run concurrent tracks
                3. be sure to self identify which tracks you plan to attend and if you are able to lead a session (see above, especially the note about not altering the structure of the wiki page when you edit the manager agenda)
              2. There should be some form of demonstrations, decision on timing will take place Monday morning. A suggestion for Wednesday afternoon prompted the need for a decision on timing early in the week.
      2. December event: Worldwide Hydra Connect meeting.
        1. Location and dates finalized?
          1. December 16 - 18th at Oregon?
          2. A set of dates in January for UCSD in San Diego?
          3. Oregon is off the table, the dates that are possible just do not work with availability
          4. Will pursue UCSD
            1. Declan will talk about this next week
            2. likely to take place in January, not december
      3. 2014: regional Hydra event in UK/Ireland (same time as LDCX?)
        1. Likely next Spring for an event. Possibly UK or Ireland?  Added to strategic planning agenda for meeting next week
        2. Active discussion taking place. 
        3. Strong desire to attach this to another meeting given the reduced community size
        4. possible Hydra Camp in Europe next spring
      4. LibConDevX
        1. no dates yet
        2. to be discussed next week
        3. will not take place during usual March time due to conflict with Code4Lib
      5. Pattern for other Partner meetings
        1. to be discussed next week
    2. Training
      1. Fall Hydra Camp update

        1. 4-day camp, October 1st - October 4th, Case Western Reserve University
        2. update from Mark Bussey
          1. 21 students so far
          2. Adam Wead will assist in teaching
          3. could use some additional teaching assistants, contact Mark if you can help
            1. Jeremy was offered up to assist during the discussion
          4. Cap is 30, so there is room left for more students
          5. majority of attendance is Case Western and University of Cincinnati
      2. DLF
        1. Any Pre-conference workshop similar to the one done at OR2013? 
        2. Hydra for Managers session or BOF?
          1. there will be a 90 minute pre conference track on Monday for Hydra - Dive into Hydra

            1. Intro to Hydra
            2. What it means to be a hydra developer
          2. Archivespace session Monday afternoon, hydra integration
          3. Hydra for managers
            1. Robin offered assistance in organizing a bird of a feather type of discussion
    3. Strategic plan: where are we? are we on track?
      1. to be discussed next week
      2. See: Progress against the 2013 Strategic Action Plan


  8. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. discussion among Case Western, University of Cincinnati and Ohio State (the one in Columbus as opposed to the other with similar sort of name)
      1. discussion relates to group collaboration/implementation among the three to implement quicker
    2. Bess had a phone call with Temple to discuss Hydra adoption, Temple interested in Sufia
  9. Website Updates
    1. none noted