Hydra Gem -- a pegged gemset for a stable distro

From: Jeremy Friesen <jeremy.n.friesen@gmail.com>
Date: March 29, 2013 4:25:47 PM PDT
To: hydra-tech@googlegroups.com, hydra-partners@googlegroups.com
Subject: [hydra-tech] hydra gem - an explicit collection of projecthydra gems
Reply-To: hydra-tech@googlegroups.com

At LibDevConX and during the Hydra partners meeting, we set about creating a more "friendly for new user" gem for the hydra stack. Namely a gem that explicitly locks the related projecthydra gems to versions that are known to work together.

So today with the help of Mark (Digital Curation Experts) and Drew (WGBH), we are releasing Hydra 6.0.0.

This coincides with hydra-core 6.0.0, but where hydra-core 6.0.0 has more "freely floating related gems" the hydra 6.0.0 gem is locked to ActiveFedora 6.0.0, Blacklight 4.1.0, etc. 

It is important to acknowledge that this gem represents a new process and as such is an approximation of an ideal form.



$ gem install hydra --version

For now, we have 6.0.0.rc1 with an intention of verifying this in time for releasing 6.0.0 for Dublin 2013 HydraCamp.