July 8, 2011


  • Next Partner meeting: September 8-10, Northwestern University
  • Call for agenda items for next Hydra meeting.
  • Update on collaboration & contributor license agreements
  • Hydra committers calls vs. partner "developer" call
  • Round robin partner updates – status of development at each site
  • Hydra Design Group - next steps?
  • Hydra dissemination - maintain record at Events, presentations and articles
  • projecthydra.org website -
    • 'News' is a month out of date!
    • partner contributions needed especially for 'About > Why Hydra?'
    • is 'Apps and demos' as complete as it could be?
    • mustn't let it stagnate!
  • 'Hydra in print' for the wiki or website?
    • Why aren't we linking to articles (etc) about Hydra?
    • Last contribution 2009....