2023-11-28 Outreach & Engagement notes



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Contentful and website planning updates, progress

  • Work completed recently, and ideas for other enhancements

    • Adam converted the blog to Contentful CMS. They are now on the homepage, and have a more modern look. They can be created easily within Contentful, and then pushed by doing a workflow action in GitHub.

    • Can better implement a tag system, and make them clickable for finding related information

      • May need some help to make the image size correctly for future blog posts - Heather will make an issue for it

    • Changed the “types of applications” box, made it accessible and reformatted on the website. Now content is in Contentful and can be easily updated.

      • Could we change this content to highlight the repository solutions? Need to update the text to include and better describe the repository solutions

      • Could see calling out the technologies below the community block, three blocks (avalon, hyrax, hyku) – will add an issue for that

      • get started and learn more buttons can push down the page to other content

      • Perhaps an anchor to the solutions box, with button text reading: Explore Solutions

      • Could we highlight other places where Samvera work is in the news elsewhere – calling out testimonials in press elsewhere. Can start by adding tags, and then highlight them in the future

  • Work in progress

  • Other ideas

    • Glossary of Samvera terms, or other list explaining all the components (ie AllinsonFlex, Questioning Authority)

  • Items to review and update (thank you Chris!)

    • Under the section on benefits there is mention of 'Samvera software'. In the context of other changes and emphases re: the community and the software, would this be better as 'Samvera Community software'?

    • Under 'How it works' emphasising 'Samvera Community' over 'Samvera' would again highlight the focus of attention.

    • The Contact Us button doesn't go anywhere (on my browser at least, Chrome on a PC laptop).

    • The Getting started button just returns to the top of the main page.

    • Noting the links to the lists on the Contact Us page, my browser nicely cuts off the page in a way that suggests there isn't anything further down, hiding the list links. Could a prompt or arrow be used to suggest further information below?

    • What scope to include Samvera Europe on this page, or would you see that as too specific initially?

    • Repository solutions: Can the menu be re-ordered? It's nice to have the case studies at the tope, but they are now a little outdated and, given the title of the menu, having the links to the solutions near the top would be what might be expected.

    • Noting the re-factored FAQ, which the O&E WG put together originally, does this need any maintenance, or has relevant editing been done as part of the transition?

    • The internal page links on the user profiles don't appear to work. I also wonder whether we should try and find some more as, again, these are a few years old now (much as I'm happy to be included still).

Still owed from Heather: Content strategy outline for samvera.org (to be replicated for the subdomain sites, starting with Hyku); holiday ‘card’ email image for group review

DLF/Digipres reflections

Open Repositories - Heather heading up repo rodeo, looking for other potential speakers in the community, potential advocacy panel

Community interest survey results


Ongoing projects below

First press release is out!

Upcoming press releases

  • Hyrax 5 when released

  • British Library as new Partner - right after Connect

  • New Board members and Chair - in January

Making the case for supporting Open Source: how to break down the process to create this as a page on our website? Could first step be all of us gathering existing resources? Can we ask how this is being pitched now, and what is getting through? Who are their trusted sources? Showing that there is not one solution for all problems, need to be able to talk to other systems.




Press release list

Library Technology Guides

American Libraries Direct (ALA)

ACRL ScholComm Discussion Group

ACRL Insider

Library Journal

Library Journal Info

ICOLC Listserv

University Business Magazine


Information Today

Against the Grain (Charleston Hub)

Hyku for Consortia Listserv

European mailing lists: jisc-repositories@jiscmail.ac.uk, diglib@iflalists.org,

Of these, Library Technology Guides, Against the Grain, ICOLC and ACRL almost always publish what PALNI send.

Potential outreach through chapter call

Action Items