October 26, 2023 Ways to Gather Topics - Developer Congress

Gathering Topics

  • Three weeks (question) before Samvera Connect 2020 advertise a template for proposing topics.
  • Announce the topics. Say if they have topics they'd like to definitely happen, please put them on the wiki in the template.
  • From end of Samvera Connect to start of Dev Congress assign captains for each topic. Each Captain should have the following:
    • Meeting place
  • Options for listing topics:
    • wiki page with team proposals - for each team
      • room captain name 
      • room captain template
      • simple title that can be assigned as a label to issues
      • simple list of topics
      • links to issues
    • GitHub project board of issues created in advance
      • challenge - some were tickets created without the dev congress specifically in mind
      • challenge - varying degrees of detail
      • pro - include label for team proposal
      • pro - can be focused if curated for a specific topic
      • pro - provides an artifact of the work