2023-09-20 Outreach & Engagement notes


Sep 20, 2023


  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • @Karen Cariani

  • @Alicia M. Morris - regrets

  • @Adam J. Arling

  • @Kirsten Leonard

  • Molly Reed

  • @Chris Awre


Contentful and website planning updates

  • We might qualify for free Contentful - Heather meeting with them next week.

(This is also on the Partner call agenda) Twitter (now x ) has been a main point of update for us. However, is not aligning with our values and many in the community have left. Board supports discontinuing our account. Likely this would mean deleting it for security purposes (ie not having old credentials that could be uncovered in a data breach).

Other alternatives? Board suggestion that LinkedIn is becoming more common. Press releases could also help reach the wider ecosystem

  • Partners were content to leave X but less clear where we should be instead

  • What audience are we trying to reach, and where are they?

  • Talk about Mastadon and Instagram - would this get shared by Partners? Could they amplify our messaging? Mix of internal community and external possible a

  • How do Partners use social media in the current environment

  • Heather will see what other communities are thinking about/using

Where to send press releases? Anything to add to Molly’s excellent list below.



Press release list

Library Technology Guides

American Libraries Direct (ALA)

ACRL ScholComm Discussion Group

ACRL Insider

Library Journal

Library Journal Info

ICOLC Listserv

University Business Magazine


Information Today

Against the Grain (Charleston Hub)

Hyku for Consortia Listserv

Of these, Library Technology Guides, Against the Grain, ICOLC and ACRL almost always publish what PALNI send.

Action Items