2023-04-19 Outreach & Engagement notes


Apr 19, 2023


  • @Chris Awre

  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Alicia M. Morris

  • Molly Reed regrets (at ICOLC this week)

  • @Karen Cariani

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • @Kirsten Leonard regrets (at ICOLC this week)




Literature around Samvera

Samvera motto discussion


Community stuff from SoftServ:
- Valkyrie sprints
- Samvera Training

Website update planning

other items

-Virtual Connect WG update


  • Literature around Samvera

    • Chris forwarded a message from a publisher earlier. These are not uncommon, but this book would reach a European audience and is an open access book. Not a lot of mentions of Samvera in the literature, or anything at the OR conference this year other than the repo rodeo.

    • What specific topics? The offer came from an article many years old about the journey of the community, immediately after the name change.

    • Chris and Richard have written about how they made use of Blacklight in a more recent book chapter. Often an opportunity to showcase an option in the marketplace.

    • Do we have writers in the community? Often a search of the literature is part of a selection of technology. DSpace has a big presence in the literature.

    • Hyku for Consortia work with the community is a fascinating area for this; want to discuss it when Kirsten is back!

    • Chris will reach out to learn more about this specific opportunity

    • Will request anything that has been written, and put out a call for anyone who would be interested.

  • Samvera motto discussion

    • Great discussion at Partner meeting

    • Next steps?

      • Next meeting is after Virtual Connect – let folks know it is a work in progress

      • Give each group member a number of votes, to narrow it down?

      • Could have Partners vote if we want to; could for either choice or acceptance

      • For next meeting: take these options and see what other ideas they spark; share our top 3-5 preferences via our working group email lists and will discuss at next meeting

  • Two SoftServ community items

    • Proposed Valkyrie sprints, funding sprints to start May-June. Kirsten is leading the initiative to raise funds from the community

    • Will offer virtual training sessions series. Focus on responding to the community demand for training, to help make the community more self sufficient.

    • Training idea is one full day, with pair programming

  • Website planning

    • Heather will make an issue to start with the blog, allowing better formatting

    • Will pick this up next time, talk about how to organize the work

    • Adam will give 5 min overview of the new website at Virtual Connect