Samvera Marketing Group, September 22nd - budget planning

Matters arising from previous meetings:

  • Website

    • Reviews were ongoing, filtering on the changes identified to inform work required.

    • There was discussion on whether to include Valkyrie within the tech stack, and to what extent we surface the new Fedora 6. Heather will discuss this with Jon Cameron.

    • A review of comments on the FAQ will take place to assess changes.

  • Repository tour

    • Charlotte to share the public link to the tour to facilitate editing by others.

    • Ideas for adding additional sites include Mexico, Germany, and France.

    • The tour will be raised at the autumn events.

  • Partner profiles

    • These would be raised at the Partner meeting

Main topic for today

  • Budget planning

    • Following discussion a request will be made for $3,000 to cover the costs of anticipated conferences and associated sponsorships. These are Code4Lib, Open Repositories, and DLF.

    • To save on costs and show join-up between Samvera and vendors, Chris will reach out to DCE to discuss sharing tables. It was acknowledged that presence at an event needed to be shaped by the targeted audience.

Other business

  • Heather has asked members to review the Partner Prospectus and provide feedback at our next meeting.

  • The Zoom call address will change at the end of September, recognising the move of Samvera’s ‘home’ from Emory to OASIS.