Samvera Marketing Group, August 11th - Getting started wiki page

Matters arising from the previous meeting:

  • Website review

    • There had been two responses to the online form: Carolyn Caizzi and Carla Arton. A reminder would be pushed out at Friday’s Partner Call to see if anyone else could help out. Carolyn and Carla would be invited to the next call to discuss further, and also have the review spreadsheet shared with them.

  • Samvera repository

    • The ability to self-deposit in the Samvera repository had been swifter to implement than at first thought, and was already now available. Chris will raise it as an agenda item at the Partners' Call to raise awareness and talk through ho we see it being used in the future.

Main theme for today

  • Getting started wiki

    • Due to holiday clashes attendance was low, hence it was agreed to circulate the link to the Getting Started page in the wiki, with a request for all members to review and provide feedback.