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  1. Amend and approve this agenda

  2. Brian McBride discussion regarding "Lunch on Friday" for people attending Utah Samvera Connect
    One question is: with lunch provided Wed & Thurs; should we also provide lunch Friday, and should we price this in (to the ticket), given 
    What is the landscape there–restaurants and dining facilities?
    The student union will be open; about a five minute walk.
    Will ask about food trucks coming.
    Restaurants about 15 minutes walking, but walking back up hill to library may be a bit of a climb for some.
    (which is why we're considering catering)
    At partners meeting in Fall, meeting broke for lunch–one opinion for not needing to cater, +1; 
    +1 and wonders if in registration form could have indicate registrant indicate how many days they plan to attend (so we can better plan various things)
    Consensus: might make sense not to have lunch but Brian will still explore what the cost might be etc.

  3. Samver Partner Meeting Agenda for Stanford/ March 2018  – Rosalyn Metz
    1. March 2018 Samvera Partner Meeting Agenda
      re; upcoming partner meeting: wondering if there will be a call-in opportunity? Yes–people have indicated they would like that option but we have to confirm it works in room where it's planned
      a few agenda items 
      request for update from components maintenance WG
      request for Virtual Samvera meeting
      Samvera governance resource; funding
      should these be discussed as part of governance > Richard:
      in terms of planning for year ahead, we need to agree with community/partners about technical manager position, with implications for funding
      resourcing: Duraspace 1 FTE = $180K-$210K/ year; a tall order; what other things do  we need to do i.e. documentation?
      conclusion: resourcing/funding discussion should follow governance discussion
      > Franny: re: attending virtually, we wanted to do another WebEx meeting to be more transparent
      concern: if we don't have a phone for the whole connect, do we need recording?
      governance and planning most pressing topics; Tufts also votes for audio for governance portion
      this is in the event (there isn't a phone available in scheduled room)
      back to resourcing: is this more related to technology planning; so put it closer in the agenda?
      cf bottom of agenda comment: asking about dev congress at same time @ Stanford to talk together about components (see below)