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  1. Any other items for the agenda?  

  2. Lafayette Digital Repository demo - Nora Egloff & Adam Malantonio, Lafayette College

    Widget Connector
  3. Overview of fiscal sponsor change recommendation, Samvera Bylaws change vote with Q&A (Heather Greer Klein, Rosalyn Metz)
  4. Fundraising and Finance Committee plans

  5. Current calls to action from the Samvera Community Asks page
    1. Call for presentations, Virtual Connect 2021

    2. Call for participation, Spring Developer Congress

  6. Anything to raise with the Steering Group (standing item)

  7. Date of next call: April 9th, 2021 - “Meadow” cloud based digital collections and asset management repository - Northwestern University
    1. Spring 2021 Partner Meeting, April 12 - 13
  8. Notetaker for next call: