SG monthly call 4 September 2020 (the deferred August call)


  • Carolyn Caizzi
  • Esmé Cowles
  • Hannah Frost
  • Kevin Kochanski
  • Brian McBride
  • Rosalyn Metz (Chair)
  • Alicia Morris  (apologies)
  • Simeon Warner
  • John Weise  (apologies)
  • Richard Green


  1. Welcome (again) to the newcomers

  2. Changes to the agenda

  3. Election of Chair-Elect
    1. See Steering Group terms; probably needs to be someone not up for re-election next summer
      Deferred pending consultations

  4. Finances
    1. Overall financial state
      1. The group reviewed Samvera's finances at the end of the Lyrasis financial year (30th June).  These are healthy despite the impact of COVID-19 on contributors' budgets.
    2. Budget for Community manager position
      The budgeting process used for the financial manager position was explained to new Steering Group members.
    3. Election of Finance Subcommittee
    4. Lyrasis's quarterly financial reports should be on the Steering agenda following their publication.
      Finance sub (tbc): Rosalyn, new Chair elect, EC, SW + RG and CM ex-officio.  AM and JW to be asked if they wish to participate.  Needs to have at least four Steering members.

  5. Review of Search Committee Recommendation
    Search Committee's recommendations unanimously accepted. 

  6. Status checks and FYIs
    1. Connect 2020 on-line
      BM reported on progress.  All seems to be proceeding fine.  More presentations proposed than slots.
      RM will give the 'State of Samvera' address
      Need to work out how to make the Code of Conduct visible to participants.  Check box on sign-up to Sched maybe?
    2. Virtual Partner Meeting - October
      Unordered agenda started.  Hope to have new CM as co-facilitator with RG.
    3. Dev Congress - October
      Planning going ahead well.
    4. 2020 fundraising
      1. Update on Partnership income - this is holding up well despite the COVID-19 impact on budgets.
        Fundraising team should remain separate from Finance subcommittee but with some members in common. Recharter the FT before the end of the calendar year (mention this at the Partner meeting and at Connect to invite participants).
      2. Possible IMLS National Leadership Grant application
        HF provided an update.  Looks possible that we may move ahead with this.
    5. Trademark update
      1. An update was received from Lyrasis: The Samvera logo and name are trademarks in the USA, UK and European Union and registered internationally. Applications in Canada pending.
    6. It Takes a Village 2020 - Expression of Interest
      After considerable discussion it was agreed that Samvera should volunteer to take part in the pilot phase.  RM to submit pilot form.  CM needs to play a significant role in this work.
    7. Virginia Tech withdrawal from Partnership
    8. Code of Conduct / Otter Tech contract and timing
      Hope to start contract October 1st but that might be tight.  Plan to invite OtterTech to take part in Connect. 

  7. Julie Allinson Award
    Raise this at the Partner Meeting and at Connect to seek financial contributions.

  8. Institutional contacts
    Defer for action by new CM.  This work will be a good opportunity to get to have initial conversations with many people.

  9. Date of next call
    1. Friday 25th September 0800 PDT, 1100 EDT, 1600 BST