Date: 06/26/20

Time: 09:00 PDT/12:00 EDT - 10:00PDT/01:00EDT

Zoom: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/7739591625




  • Samvera Circle Orb (Collin Brittle)
    • Merged PRs (thanks to Chris Colvard (Deactivated) for reviews):
      • params for solr version and postgres version. (#30, #35)
      • create a list of gems (and their versions), and save it as a build artifact (#31)
    • Open PRs:
      • Bunch of generic updates to docs (#32) - Needs review, sets up for switching to `main` as the default branch.
      • Update the default Solr version/image (#34) - Draft until we have more discussion on what the desired defaults are.
      • Change the way orb development works, by changing how the orb is tested (#36) - Needs review, but may be more in depth, it's practically a rewrite.
    • New tickets for known issues:
      • With changes in #36, new, future work for ensuring our `run` commands are safe. (#37)
      • With changes in #36, where/how to do integration tests is more obvious, but still need to write the tests. (#38)
    • Pushed a dev orb for testing, version tag is "dev:a34fec0". (ie `circleci-orb: samvera/circleci-orb@dev:a34fec0`)
      • Includes the merged PRs above.
    • Tagged the commit of the last prod release in the repository (v0.3.2)
    • Started testing Hyrax with the above dev orb (#4384)
    • Ticking off more boxes in the promotion ticket! (#19)
    • Still need to email Samvera-Tech, as discussed on the Tech Call.
  • Hydra-PCDM (Collin Brittle)
    • New PR to remove CodeClimate badge (#281). The repo is not set up to use CodeClimate, so the badge seems vestigial.